Conflict-Free Diamond

Diamonds are universally stunning gems, but they can also be controversial, especially in our increasingly social justice-conscious world. Whether it is for an engagement ring, a cocktail ring, a pair of earrings, a pendant or any other piece of diamond jewelry, more and more buyers are looking beyond the perfect diamond, they also want to be sure that diamond is conflict-free.

What Is a Conflict-Free Diamond?

While diamonds often symbolize love, romance and commitment, it is sadly unfortunate that many of the world's most productive diamond mines are located in regions torn by civil war, terrorism and violence. To better reduce funds for such rebellions, the United Nations established the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in 2003. This process tracks rough diamonds from their mines to the market to ensure funds from the sales and processing of each stone are not used for unlawful uprisings against recognized governments. Because stones with Kimberley Process certification can be thoroughly traced to their origins, they are thus considered conflict-free with regards to organized rebellions.

The Kimberley Process has been endorsed and accepted by more than 80 nations. Reputable diamond dealers and jewelry retailers around the world rely on its safeguards and restrictions when purchasing new diamonds, and when diamonds are certified as conflict-free through this process, buyers can be reassured that their lovely stones don't have a bloody taint in their history.

Beyond Rebel Conflicts

Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that any diamond is completely free of violence, conflict and other unsavory dealings. While the Kimberley Process is excellent at ensuring diamonds are not used to support organized rebel conflicts, there are other types of violence and social injustice that the process does not protect against, such as…

• Terrorist organizations using the country as a base but without rebelling against the nation's recognized government

• Violations of labor laws, including child labor, unsafe working conditions, lack of worker benefits and exploitation of workers

• Environmental damage from irresponsible mining processes and lack of effort to restore mined areas to natural conditions

• Human rights violations, such as sexual slavery, gender biases, genocidal policies, torture and other inhuman acts

Reputable jewelers will do their best to ensure their stones come from sources that adhere to the highest standards for just labor, equitable trade and responsible environmental practices. Because these standards are not held to strict international guidelines, however, it is impossible to be certain that any new diamond is completely free of violence. It is also possible that modern diamonds may not have been traced as thoroughly as possible, and switching stones to circumvent the Kimberley Process and disguise a diamond's origin is not unheard of.

It is also important to note that gemstones other than diamonds are not covered under the Kimberley Process. A diamond ring that has accent gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires, therefore, may have a certified conflict-free diamond but the accompanying gemstones could have a very tainted, violent history.


Diamonds That Are Truly Conflict-Free

Because it is so difficult to ensure that any modern stones are absolutely conflict-free, many conscientious diamond buyers are turning to antique rings and vintage stones. These stones were sourced long before modern conflicts and therefore the profits they created could not have been funneled into violent acts. does not source new or modern gemstones, and all its gemstones are purchased from worldwide estates dated well before the 1970s, when many modern conflicts originated. This ensures our stones have truly ethical and conflict-free origins.

Supporting Change With Every Stone

Even more than ensuring the origins of a diamond are conflict-free, many couples or anyone interested in buying diamond jewelry today would like their purchase to do even more good. Many jewelry retailers support local charities and social causes, ensuring that such significant purchases give back to local communities and important research that can benefit people around the world. supports research to cure breast cancer as well as environmental causes, and by purchasing an antique or vintage ring, you are supporting those efforts as well.

See our complete collection of antique rings, vintage rings and rings from different historical periods to find a stunning piece of jewelry that you can be sure is conflict-free!

Conflict-Free Diamond