You've found your true love that you want to spend your life with, and now the next step is popping the question. You have that perfect vintage or antique engagement ring , and now you have to figure out where to do it. There are a few great places for popping the question. Are you both outdoorsy types? Do you love sports, theatre or love to shop? Who doesn't love to shop!? Here is our list here's of 4 great places to ask this important question!


If you love being active outside, there's no better place to propose than the outdoors. Hiking, horseback riding, watching a beautiful sunset, or even at a marathon are all great places to pop the question. I can guarantee your partner will remember that for the rest of their life. My future husband popped the question at the NYC marathon and it's something I will never forget!

Theatre or Concert

If you love the theatre, or love going to concerts, what better place to get engaged!? If you both love art, why not at your favorite art gallery, or maybe at a drive in movie theatre!? This will make a wonderful place to have beautiful memories of your engagement.

Recreating Your First date

Recreating your first date is a wonderful place to pop the question. Your partner will be so impressed with all the thought, and consideration, that goes into this. If your first date was at an art gallery, ice skating or at a special restaurant, this would be lovely!

Elegance and Simplicity

If you just love elegance and simplicity like we do a wonderful way to pop the question is a beautiful candle light dinner. If you are wine lovers, why not a wine tasting or simply cooking a meal together?


If you're an alternative engagement ring lover, you probably love traveling to the beach. Or if you love to ski, there's no better place pop the question to your future bride!

Final Thoughts:

Wherever, or whenever, you decide to pop the question we are so happy you found your true partner. We are also thrilled that you chose a vintage ring that's ethical and conflict free!