Purchasing an antique engagement ring online seems daunting, but we are here to ease your fears and give you some great tips on how to purchase a beautiful vintage ring online. Since it is such a special time in life for many couples, here's our list.

How to get The Lowest Prices

We all want to find the lowest prices for antique engagement rings online. Most online antique jewelers do not own the vintage engagement rings they carry in their shop. They take them on consignment from other dealers. Please ask the shop for a 60 day return policy and see what their response is. If they automatically balk at your suggestion, this means they don't own the vintage engagement rings, or antique diamonds, on the site and you are paying a middleman.

Take Your Time

We love shopping on line because there is a plethora of antique diamond rings and antique shops to see. You can look at all the different eras including Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian and many others. You can decide which is your favorite. Do you want a sapphire, an aquamarine, or a european cut diamond as the center of your vintage engagement ring? If you commute, you can take out your mobile phone, or tablet, and keep shopping. This is the fun time, looking at all those beautiful antique rings!

Customer Service and Questions:

Most online stores will answer all of your questions within a few hours, while a brick and mortar store you will probably have to wait at least 24 hours. You also will have no one pressuring you to purchase a vintage ring , sales pressure is all gone when you shop online. Questions are really just a click away!

Return Policy:

Sometimes you need to view an art deco engagement ring before purchasing. We understand you also may have to return a ring for a resizing! Just pack it up and ship it back. Most online retailers have wonderful return policy and at VintageDiamondRing.com you have 60 days to return an art deco ring.


Review Sites

We love Ivouch.com, and other sites such as Yelp.com, to view reviews on online antique ring sellers.


Final Thoughts:

Do you have any other questions for purchasing an antique engagement ring online? Please email us or comment on Facebook and Twitter!