We all want to go back to a time, maybe simpler times when days were slower and time stood still. But we still yearn for our new inventions like our ipods and ipads but I think all of us love art deco styles. Now i dont think were going to go out to dinner or a movie anymore with a beautiful suite of art deco jewelry but we can enjoy a bit a of art deco today.


Art Deco can easily be assimilated in our wardrobe today. With the Edwardian era ending we see the rise of the Art deco period was 1915-throughout 1938. Designs from that era were bold, geometric large and modern. Times were changing and we see this with a shift in fashion. Fashion was changing, long dresses were introduced with women using corsets and we see things were probably never going to be the same.


We see the introduction of platinum with precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and carved sapphires. Engagment rings are worn as well as necklaces and brooches and double clips from houses named Cartier, Van Cleff and Arpels, and Mauboussin.

We are so lucky to see that Art Deco is here to stay. Art Deco jewelry cannot bring us back to simpler times but can give us that feeling that we can continue to enjoy this breadth of fresh air that art deco jewelry can give us. Do you want to wear an art deco engagement ring. What do you think of the bold and geometric designs this era gave us.