One of our favorite things to read is the fashion section of the New York Times. I love reading about fashion week in NYC, Italy and France. When reading last weeks fashion section, Victoria Beckham really summed up her take on fashion, as well as ours on antique engagement rings when she said " the world is so confused right now, I just want to make my customer feel secure. In the end, the job of fashion should be to make a woman feel confident in her clothes, feel like a stronger version of herself so she can proactively think about something else." That's exactly how I feel when I put on my favorite Art Deco, or vintage, engagement ring. It seems to me that my antique rings always put a smile on my face. They were produced in different times when we were together. When I'm ready to face the day, it's like having an old friend with me every day! Antique engagement rings were produced in metals such as platinum and rose gold. They were completed with beautiful filigree and milgrain embellishments. I love estate engagement rings and love the history, and journey, behind each and every ring. So why not start your own history with Victorian and Edwardian rings? Here are four beautiful rings you will adore!

Art Deco Engagement Ring

This stunning Art Deco Engagement ring features a .90 carat european cut diamond. This diamond resides in a 1930's 18 kt white gold setting, completed with stunning filigree engravings. Our collection of original Art Deco diamond rings feature bold geometric designs in metals such as platinum and white gold.

Vintage Engagement Ring

I love vintage engagement rings from the 1940's. This vintage ring features a .08 carat european cut diamond, flanked by a beautiful sunburst filigree engraving within a 1940's two tone rosy yellow gold setting. Fun Fact: The U.S. government asked master jewelers, during World War II, to use palladium instead of platinum in an effort to help the war.

Antique Diamond rings

Antique diamond rings are simply timeless and one of a kind. This ring features a .60 carat european cut diamond residing in an 18 kt white gold geometric square frame. This diamond is flanked by 2 single cut diamond accents, all completed with a beautiful filigree embellishment. Our classic vintage antique rings come from eras including the Victorian and Retro.

Vintage Diamond Ring

This stunning vintage diamond ring showcases a .65 carat old transitional cut diamond. This diamond resides in a geometric square frame, flanked by six single cut diamond accents, all completed in a 1950's setting with a filigree embellishment. travels around the world looking for unique diamond rings from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's.

Final Thoughts:

Every day when I put on my Art Deco Engagement ring it always gives me a feeling of love, stability, and strength! How do you feel when you put on your engagement ring? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter! Pin your favorite antique rings on Pinterest!