Emerald Engagement Rings

Emeralds have been a wonderful choice of brides throughout history. The finest emeralds have been mined in Columbia,and the finest mine in Columbia is the infamous " Muzo" mine. The Muzo emerald mine has produced the finest emeralds throughout history, especially during the mid century 1950's throughout the 1970's. More recently we have noticed that antique emerald rings have been very popular with our customers as well, and that is why we travel throughout the world looking for pristine vintage emerald rings. The emerald is the birthstone for May, and has been known to increase the spirit of the person wearing that gemstone. It is a soft gemstone, so master jewelers have to pay close attention when removing or resetting this spectacular gem, so it does not become harmed.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Another wonderful gemstone is our friend the sapphire. Who wouldn't love to have a gorgeous art deco sapphire ring? For our purpose, there are three important sapphire mines including the infamous Kashmir mine, the Burma and still the popular Ceylon mine. The Kashmir mine has produced many of the finest sapphires throughout history. The colors of these Kashmir sapphires are a gorgeous cornflower blue. The Burma mine has also produced some of the finest sapphires with the color being of a deeper blue. The last popular mine is the Ceylon mine whose sapphires are much more widely produced and a bit more commercialized. While this sapphire is very popular, and more affordable than the other two, its color is a lighter blue. Another mine that is used today is the Madagascar mine which produces sapphires that actually have many similarites to the Kashmir conflower blue. Sapphires will come in different colors such as pink and yellow but the most coveted is the blue. Sapphires are the birthstone of May, and have been known to help cure deprsssion. These gemstones are a durable gemstone which does make it a favorite for master jewelers throughout the world.

Ruby Engagement Rings

Our favorite gemstone is the wonderful Ruby. Ruby is the birthstone of July, and has been known to increase happiness. The ruby has been mined all over the world, including Thailand, but for us the most famous is the Burma Ruby. Many of the most famous rubies have come from the famous burma mine, and their color has been called "Pigeon Blood." Burma, or pigeon blood rubies, have been mined throughout history, but were most popular throughout the mid centuries 1950's to the 1970's. It is also a favorite of many of the famous jewelers including Harry Winston, Van Cleef and Arpels, and Cartier producing beautiful vintage ruby rings.

Conflict Free and Treatments

While no one can be certain if today's mined gemstones are conflict free, we can for sure say that they will have some sort of treatment. Sapphires and rubies will have heat treatment, while emeralds will have some sort of oil treatment. While these treatments are accepted in today's market place for fine quality sapphires, emeralds and rubies, those without any treatment from heat or oil, are certainly much more valuable All of our antique engagement rings, and vintage gemstone rings are original to their rings and are not associated with modern conflicts, therefore they are conflict free.

Gemstones values

While we see a big increase demand for vintage engagement rings with gemstones, this tends to increase the value of the big three gemstones: sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Even though the most popular antique ring has always had a diamond, couples are now choosing unique gemstone engagement rings. It seems couples are also looking for affordable engagement rings with semi precious gemstones including aquamarines, opals, and a favorite of ours-the moonstone. One recommendation we have is not to buy a lab grown gemstone. Lab grown gemstones and lab grown diamonds have no resale value whatsoever. We definitely think the better choice would be a semi precious gem.

Our thoughts about Unique gemstone rings

Many couples today want something different. They either see a beautiful gemstone ring on a famous hollywood actress, or just something different than a three stone ring. Unique gemstone engagement rings with a beautiful burma ruby, burma sapphire. or muzo emerald will make a one of a kind art deco engagement ring. Do you love beautiful cornflower blue or a deeper blue? The famous pigeon blood ruby or deep green Muzo emerald? These beautiful gems are very hard to come by, but once you find them they will be treasured, and passed down for generations to come.