At we have over 30 years experience within the antique jewelry and diamond business. We love to share our knowledge, and here we would like to help answer some of the many questions you may have about purchasing an antique ring from a different era, or questions you may have about gemstones, and where to buy them. Here is a little bit of a helping hand for you when it comes to buying an antique engagement ring.


Find out what type of antique engagement rings she likes

An excellent start in finding the perfect ring would be to find out what era in time she loves. Does she love Victorian rings, Art Deco, Edwardian or Retro? There are so many different eras, and with each era is a different style. Pinterest has been such a help to us because we have customers who come in, or email us their girlfriend's Pinterest page, or a specific ring from their page. You just hope that if they have been collecting rings for a while that we may still have the ring she loves.


What Should You Spend On A Ring?

There are so many fallacies with a budget, and how much you should spend. Our motto is: buy an vintage ring you love, but never spend more than you can afford! We are proud to offer our customers rings from as low as $500.00 all the way up to $25,000.00. We have Art Deco engagement rings that will suit any budget.

Your ring's price will usually be dictated by the size, and quality, of the center diamond or gemstone. You can certainly keep your budget lower by choosing a smaller vintage diamond. Color, clarity, and proportions of the diamond will also come into play. We always recommend to empasize the era, or style, of the ring over the size of the diamond, but that is a personal choice.


Whom Should You Buy Your Ring From

Are you currently working with a jeweler you trust? Unfortunately, picking your online jeweler can be just as difficult as picking out the ring.Take time to browse the Internet and look at the inventory of each store. If a store has just a few rings they're probably not an antique jeweler. However, if a store has hundreds of rings that' a good sign. When buying jewelry online, don't be afraid to see what the online community is saying. Go to review sites such as and Yelp and read the reviews while this is not always 100 percent accurate, you can certainly get a good idea.

Make sure to look at at a shop's return policy. Often, a man wants to surprise his girlfriend, or fiancé, with a ring. What happens if she doesn't like it? You want to make sure the shop has a good return policy. 1 week is not enough time. 30 days will give you enough time to decide whether or not someone will want to keep a ring. If they allow a 30 day policy they probably own their merchandise and do not take it on consignment. This is what you want!


Original antique or a reproduction

When choosing a vintage ring, it is like taking a journey back to a different time, a time that can't be replicated. These were times when jewelers actually sat behind benches for months on end perfecting the perfect milgrain or filigree design. You can be guaranteed that your antique ring will be eco friendly and conflict free. Nothing will have that same appeal as a vintage engagement ring.