If you want to repair your antique engagement ring, but don't know what antique jeweler you can trust with your estate ring, here are some key things you should look out for:


1) Look in the jewelry store, or on their website, and see what type of vintage jewelry they have in stock. Is the bulk of their inventory antique and estate jewelry? If yes, then you can assume that they are familiar with vintage diamond rings.



2) How long has the jeweler been in business? Are they in good standing as members of the JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade), the BBB (Better Business Bureau), or any estate jewelry organizations? You will want to visit your jeweler, or website, many years down the road.



3) Does the potential jeweler actually do their own repair work and resizing of art deco engagement rings? If an Art Deco ring has calibre sapphires, square cut emeralds or square cut rubies, a simple sizing can loosen up these precious gemstones. You must be very careful!


4) Is the jeweler a full service company? You don't want a place where it is just sales people trying to sell you their jewelry.


5) Is the owner of the establishment hands on? Is he, or she, a presence there if a situation should arise?


6) Do the employees have actual knowledge of art deco jewelry?

7) Does the owner and/or the employees have knowledge and understanding of precious and semi precious gemstones? If not, do they have access to master jewelers and master setters who do have that expertise.


We hope this review helps you choose an antique jeweler you can use for many years down the road!