Amethyst 101

We love purple, and so did many of the master jewelers in history. One of the most popular choices of master jewelers was the semi precious gemstone amethyst. Amethyst is a member of the quartz family, and is known for it's deep beautiful purple hues and color. This beautiful semi precious gemstone was used throughout many eras including the art deco and mid century eras, and it continues to be a popular go to today. Amethyst can been seen in vintage engagement rings, brooches , necklaces and bracelets. With the stunning, one of a kind purple colors only amethyst has, it is always showcased in our vintage and estate engagement rings.

Citrine 101

Citrine is a fine standing member of the quartz family and can vary in color from light yellow to smokey brown. Citrine is a beautiful semi precious gemstone and was very popular during the Edwardian and Art Deco eras. Master jewelers used this beautiful gem as a focal point in antique rings completed with beautiful filigree and milgrain designs. Citrines are known to create inspiration and energy. Discover our rare collection of vintage citrine rings with beautiful single cut diamond accents.

Garnet 101

The garnet has beautiful and stunning colors, including the ever popular red hues, yet blue is it's rarest color. Garnets have been used throughout many eras including the art deco, with beautiful art deco necklaces and antique and Victorian rings in beautiful 10 and 14 kt yellow and rose gold. We always wish garnet a happy birthday in January, and it is known for safety and prevention. The garnet's beauty and rarity is one of a kind, and will make a beautiful vintage engagement ring.

Moonstone 101

One of our favorite semi precious gemstones is the moonstone. Using a moonstone as the focal point for a Victorian engagement ring cant be beat. Moonstones are of the silicate family and it is a feldspar. They can appear colorless or white, or colorless with a blue hue. It's most popular appeal is its value and originality. We see moonstones mostly with the cut of a cabochon. According to mysticism, the moonstone is enhances balance and creativity. Moonstones were used during the popular art deco era and were a favorite gem of Tiffany and Co., especially for their use in brooches. Explore our rare and hard to find antique and art deco moonstone rings.

Pearl 101

Another ever popular semi precious gemstone is the pearl. Pearls have been a favorite of many during the art deco and edwardian eras, but also saw an increase in popularity with south sea pearl necklaces during the 1970's and 1980's. Pearls are produced in pearl oysters and come in many colors including white and black. There are many types of pearls including freshwater, south seas, mabe and the coveted "Natural" pearl. The pearls birthday is June, and it is known to increase life! Unique engagement rings with pearls with highlighted filigree workmanship will make this a one of a kind ring for any collection.

Peridot 101

Peridot is a fine standing member of the chrysolite family, and the most popular of them is the richest green. This stunning semi precious gem was very popular during the Victorian era, with beautiful rose gold. The peridot is known for friendship and cooperation. We wish peridot a birthday in the month of august, and with it's beautiful green hues they are showcased in one of a kind victorian rings.

Zircon 101

Another wonderful semi precious gemstone is the ever popular zircon. With the look of a precious gemstone, the zircon has been used in antique engagement rings for centuries and won't hurt your pocket book. Zircons are also part of the silicate family, and have a wonderful dispersion and brilliance. Zircons colors will include green, yellow, red, and the ever popular blue. The gemstones were very popular, and historically used, in the 19th and 20th centuries. Zircons are known to create balance and innocence. Discover our beautiful estate and vintage zircon engagement rings.

Spinel 101

Another very popular semi precious gemstone is the spinel. Spinel is aluminum oxide and occurs in many colors including red and blue and has been mistaken for rubies and sapphires. Spinel has been used historically in beautiful antique engagement rings, as it has excellent wear and durability, and remains very popular today. The spinel has been known to enhance beauty, energy and revival. Stunning colors of zircons are featured in our art deco and antique spinel rings.

Tourmalline 101

Tourmaline is a combination of many different minerals depending on its body color. This pretty gemstone, mined in Brazil, can be found in different colors including pink and green and was used in beautiful art deco necklaces and brooches during this era. Tourmaline also regained popularity in the 1970's in beautiful cocktail and dinner rings. In October we say happy birthday to our creative semiprecious gemstone. An ever-popular vintage tourmaline cocktail ring makes it a rare treasure to be passed down from generation to generation.

Aquamarine 101

One of the most popular gemstones is the Aquamarine. The Aquamarine has been a go to gem for estate engagement rings throughout many eras in history. Aquamarines were very popular in the Art Deco and Retro eras, and were also worn in the fabulous fifties when master jewelers produced beautiful and glamorous sets including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The Aquamarine was a favorite of the famous jeweler Seaman Schepps. Aquamarine is part of the beryll family and is known for it's stunning blue hues, including sky blue and water blue colors. The Aquamarine is known to be a stone of courage. With its beautiful sky blue, or water blue color, the aquamarine makes a rare antique engagement ring.

Onyx 101

A favorite of is the famous precious gemstone onyx. Onyx has been used as a center stone, and accent gem, for many hard to find art deco engagement rings. It also made a comeback in the 1970's cocktail ring, men's and women's. Onyx is a silicon dioxide and usually will come in many different cabachon shapes. Its most popular color is black, but has colors including green and hard to find white. The Onyx's lore is one of spirit. Onyx's durability is fair to good. A beautiful Art Deco engagement ring with onyx is very rare and will make a welcome addition to any antique jewelry lovers collection.

Opal 101

Opal is another gemstone which we love to write about. Opal is made of different types of silicon dioxide. Opal, like moonstone, will be cut into cabachon shapes and have many different colors including black, white red, yellow, orange or brown. The most common type is a white opal with pastel flashes. Opal was used extensively during the Victorian and Art noveau eras. In the Victorian era we saw opals in engagement rings with gleaming rose gold accompanied with single cut diamond accents and beautiful filigree and milgrain workmanship. During the art nouveau era we saw opal brooches with sapphire, ruby and emerald accents. Opal made a resurgence in the 1960's and 1970's, and was used for beautiful cocktail rings with diamond accents. The lore of our friend the opal is inspiration, enthusiasm and vision. Opals are a very rare semi preicous gemstone which look stunning in antique engagement rings.

Topaz 101

Another wonderful gemstone is the topaz, which is an aluminum silicate. Topaz comes in many beautiful colors such as pink, yellow, red, and smoky-brown, but its most popular color is blue. Topaz engagement rings have been used throughout the different eras, including the art deco era but it had seen a resurgence during the 1970's and 1980's, especially in cocktail rings. Topaz's birthday is November, and it has been known to help the body and mind. The beautiful colors of a vintage topaz ring makes it a wonderful addition to anyone's antique jewlery collection.

Turquoise 101

Our wonderful, hard to find semi precious gem turquoise is a aluminium silicate, and has been popular throughout the many eras of history due to it's wonderful colors. Turquoise has a beautiful blue color and can be seen with some hints of a greenish blue. While not such a durable gem, turquoise has been used specifically in the victorian and art deco eras in beautiful antique engagement rings and one of a kind art deco brooches. Its lore is one of a healer of all kinds. Beautiful antique and victorian turquoise rings are rare and will make a wonderful addition to any antique jewelry collection.



The stunning beauty of the semiprecious gemstones can never be underestimated. With many colorful gems with beautiful, different hues of turquoise, topaz, opal, onyx, tourmaline and many more are showcased in our collection of antique and vintage engagement rings. What are your favorite semi precious gemstones? We love semi precious gemstone engagement rings, especially since they are more affordable and easier on your pocketbook. I guess that's why semi precious gemstones have been so popular throughout history. Why not choose a semi precious antique engagement ring, or piece of estate jewelry to make your own!? Tell us on facebook or twitter.