September Hong Kong Jewelery Show 2015


As we have stated in past blogs, there are a few antique jewelry and diamond shows which we pay extreme attention to. These shows include the Great Miami antique jewelery show, the Las Vegas antique show and the September Hong Kong show. You may ask why these shows are so important to the antique jewelry and diamond industry?


The answer is two fold:


We want to see the supply of antique jewelry, specifically antique engagement rings and GIA certificate diamonds, and we also want to see who throughout the world has been showing up to buy. Let's take a peak at what actually happened in Hong Kong.


Firstly, the diamond business. Unfortunately for the past year or so GIA round diamonds has been softening. High color round diamonds with flawless and VVS clarities that have been geared toward the Asian market, have been continuously weakening and we don't see when this is going to stop. Even round diamonds in VS and SI clarities have also softened a bit. The only round diamonds that have actually gained strength are I1 clarity with GIA certificates.


Fancy shape diamonds have also stayed strong. Oval cut, cushion cut, pear shape and radiant cut in larger sizes have stayed strong, and will continue to stay strong in the near future.


How did the antique jewelry and art deco engagement rings do in Hong Kong? As we all know, vintage engagement rings are very much in demand, yet short in supply. Our sources tell us that pristine antique engagement rings prices are going higher, and they are very hard to find.


Who came to buy? Unfortunately, our far East friends from India and China were few are far between. Even the dealers who were there were not really buying. We did, however, see a lot of our american dealers, but the diamond dealers had a very quiet show while the jewelry dealers had fine shows.


Unfortunately with Europe in recession, and the dollar so strong, our European dealers did not show up. The same was the case for our middle east friends. It seems like recessions are going on throughout the world.


Our thoughts? It seems like antique and vintage engagement ring prices are going to continuously stay strong due to a very low supply and high demand. Until the rest of the world gets out of recession, prices of diamonds will stay weak, even though the supply of diamonds is very low