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You know the saying, "whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Well, we always like to give the lowdown on the great Las Vegas antique jewelry show at the Paris hotel.


The Las Vegas antique show, as well as the great Miami antique show, always gives us an indication on what's happening with the supply, demand, and prices in antique jewelry, specifically antique engagement rings and GIA certified diamonds.


As we have stated in our last few blogs, the demand is high for pristine antique engagement rings. The supply, however, of vintage engagement rings, and art deco diamond rings, is very low. Therefore, with the demand high, vintage diamond rings prices are sky high. There is a very low supply of lovely antique and estate rings, as well, with precious gems such as Kashmir and Burma sapphires, Columbian Muzo emeralds and Burma rubies.


Ladies and gents, I don't see this changing any time soon. What's happening with the price of diamonds? With the world's economies, from the Far East to Europe and America, either in recession or without too much growth, prices are declining, especially in round diamonds. There is still a nice demand for diamonds, yet the supply is very low at this time. GIA certificate diamonds with IF and VVS1 and VVS2 clarity grades are very weak. But wouldn't you know it, everyone wants eye clean imperfect diamonds due to their inexpensive price points, so they are holding very strong. Fancy shape diamonds are still holding very strong in all different shapes, such as ovals, princess cuts, radiant cuts, emerald cuts, pear shapes and marquis cuts. In fancy shapes clarities such as SI1, SI2 and I1 clarities are very strong.


Of course we love to shop and dine in some of our favorite restaurants in Vegas. We love The Palm, but we do recommend a lot of the restaurants off of the strip. Our next travel blog will be from the lovely Baltimore antique show.


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