What Makes a Vintage Engagement Ring or Antique Ring Unique?

Though the terms “antique” and “vintage” are used interchangeably when describing engagement rings, the two are different. While they both are considered to be old-fashioned rings, vintage engagement rings are old-fashioned rings crafted in any era such as the Edwardian or Art Deco eras. Antique engagement rings are jewelry over 100 years old.

Vintage engagement rings are unique since they capture the spirit of the eras in which they were crafted. As an example, let’s look at rings from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Victorian rings exude the prosperity of that era through their large center stones while Edwardian rings showcase the lacy and filigree designs of that period.


Photo: Edwardian Platinum and Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring


The same can be said about Art Deco engagement rings. The Art Deco era is known for the design and architectural movement. A time when bold art was created and elaborately designed buildings like New York’s Chrysler Building were constructed. The rings handmade in this era translate to bold geometric shapes, bright colors and straight lines.


Photo: European Cut Diamond Art Deco Ring


Photo: Vintage Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring in Platinum

Why Couples Are Choosing Unique Vintage Engagement Rings

Quality and beauty are two of the top reasons couples today are choosing the vintage engagement rings of yesterday. These engagement rings offer a variety of materials and gemstones, and couples like having the choice of standing out and owning a piece of jewelry that can’t be duplicated. There’s also the lower cost associated with vintage engagement rings. Most vintage and antique rings cost less than modern-styled engagement rings. And couples love that the beauty and overall appearance of an old fashioned ring doesn’t reflect it slow price.


Photo: Sweet Vintage Engagement Ring with Baguette Diamonds

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