We always want to answer questions from our customers. One question that is asked is, what type of rings are in demand and from which era(s) are they from?


Antique engagement rings, and art deco diamond rings are hot. They are so hot, in fact, that we can not purchase enough pristine vintage diamond rings to meet our demand. Right now a hot antique ring is from the Victorian era.


Victorian rings are among the oldest in our extensive collection of vintage diamond rings and estate engagement rings. Victorian engagement rings were produced from 1837 -1901 during the reign of Queen Victoria of England.



This collection is composed mostly of gleaming rose gold, yellow gold, enamel and old mine diamonds. Periods of this era include Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian and Late Victorian. Diamond cutting in its infancy was changing, producing old European cuts, old mine cushion cuts and mine cut diamonds. As time progressed, and cutting technologies improved over time, we have come to appreciate the charm and sweetness of diamonds of this era. Antique diamonds are hot, and Victorian engagement rings with mine cut and European cut diamonds are sizzling.


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