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A wedding ring is a couple’s ultimate symbol of love and commitment. While plain precious metal bands have always been a classically simple expression of that relationship, many couples are turning to more unique wedding rings to showcase not only their love, but also their individual style and personal symbolism.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Why choose a wedding ring?
  • 10 best wedding ring trends
  • Vintage wedding rings
  • Stackable rings
  • Twisted rings
  • Shaped or bezel set rings
  • Textured or split set rings
  • Mixed metal rings
  • Spaced diamond rings
  • Gemstone rings
  • Engraved bands
  • No wedding ring
  • Choosing a wedding ring

    Why Choose a Wedding Ring?

    Every love story is unique to the couple that creates it, and a wedding ring can highlight the individual elements of their intimate story. For many couples, a unique diamond wedding ring is more meaningful than a plain band, particularly for couples eager to break molds and express their own flair in fashionable ways.


    10 Best Wedding Ring Trends

    There are many unique wedding ring trends that are fashionable and stylish for 2023. While not each option will appeal to every couple, with so many choices, every couple can find the perfect wedding ring to symbolize their union.

    • Vintage Wedding Rings

    For couples looking to connect to the past for a sense of continuity, vintage and  antique wedding rings are excellent choices. With styles available from many distinct jewelry eras, these rings have great customization possibilities, and couples can even choose heirloom rings for a direct family connection.


    • Stackable Rings

    Instead of a single wedding ring, couples may opt for stackable ring styles that can be further changed and personalized as their relationship evolves through the years. This can also be a budget-friendly option for couples, as thinner, stackable rings can be more affordable and will be built over time instead of in a single investment.


    • Twisted Rings

    A twisted ring or band intertwines two strands of metal just as a couple intertwines their two lives when they marry. Twisted, braided, or twined bands may be plain metal or could be studded with diamonds or other gemstones for extra flair and drama. For more symbolism, the twist can emulate the infinity sign, showing a couple’s eternal commitment to one another.


    • Shaped or Bezel Set Rings

    Wedding rings in other distinctive shapes are also hot trends in 2023. A gold or platinum wedding band or ring can easily be shaped into an edgy zipper style with spiked sides, bezel set or a gentler scalloped pattern may be preferred. Other shapes include waves, vines, or even carved options such as hands, hearts, or favorite animals.



    • Textured or Split Set Rings

    Couples that prefer more subtle shaping may want to go for an eye-catching texture. Hammered, split set, etched, and quilted textures are amazing options, and may be imprinted on plain metal rings or accented with diamonds or other gemstones for a bit of bling.


    • Mixed Metal Rings

    Gold and platinum are the preferred metals for wedding and engagement rings, but classic yellow and white hues aren’t the only options for unique wedding rings. Rose, sage, and chocolate gold add unexpected coloring to the classic metal, while oxidized styles are edgier and even more distinctive. Mixed metals are another choice to add more color to a wedding ring.


    • Spaced Diamond Rings

    Diamonds add sparkle to a wedding ring and coordinate with a diamond engagement ring, but pave settings aren’t the only choice. Spacing out diamonds or gemstones can be eye-catching, as well as more affordable for conscientious couples on a budget.


    • Gemstone Rings

    Many couples are opting for colored gemstones with diamonds – rubies, sapphires, aquamarines, emeralds, and more – to add a pop to their wedding rings. The symbolism of gemstones can add layers of meaning to the rings, such as birthstones or gems that will represent the wedding month or other important dates in the couple’s unique story.


    • Engraved Bands

    Couples looking for a private way to create a unique wedding ring are turning to the inside of their rings with personalized engraving. Special dates, messages, icons, or even emojis can add a secret message to a ring, something the couple will share and enjoy without broadcasting their innermost selves to anyone else.


    • No Wedding Ring

    While most couples do prefer rings to symbolize their union, opting out of wedding rings altogether is a growing trend in 2022. This is particularly popular among couples who work with their hands and may not be able to wear rings continuously, such as construction workers, landscapers, and health care workers. Choosing no rings is also a thoughtful option for couples on tight budgets, and they may prefer to save rings for celebrating a future anniversary.


    Choosing a Wedding Ring

    How traditional or unique a couple prefers their wedding rings is a personal decision, and one to be carefully considered to reflect the couple’s relationship as well as their individual style. With a ring intended to be worn for many years, it is important to choose thoughtfully, and there are many unique options available for couples who want a different ring to better suit their own preferences.


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    Suzanne Sachs

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