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An engagement ring is a dream piece of jewelry, often fantasized about since childhood. Not every bride-to-be dreams of the same ring, however, and there are many gorgeous engagement ring styles to suit the tastes and fashion preferences of different women. The very best engagement rings not only reflect a woman’s individual jewelry style, but offer deep and everlasting symbolism and connection to the relationship the ring represents.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • How to choose the right engagement ring?
  • 10 best engagement rings for women
  • Solitaire ring
  • Bridal set
  • Three - stone engagement ring
  • Antique engagement ring
  • Vintage engagement ring
  • Engagement band
  • Pave ring
  • Stacking ring
  • Gemstone ring
  • Heirloom ring
  • Which engagement ring style is right for you?

How To Choose Right Engagement Ring?

There are many questions to ask when choosing the best engagement ring for that special someone.

  • What is the total budget for buying the ring?
  • Will the ring complement the hand proportions and finger size?
  • Which center stone and accent stone shapes are preferred?
  • If not a diamond, what type of gemstone is preferred?
  • Should the ring be a standalone piece or part of a matched set?
  • What type of ring design does the bride-to-be like best?
  • Can more personal symbolism be incorporated into the ring?

Couples should discuss these questions when browsing different engagement ring styles to be sure this most precious ring will always be a favorite piece of jewelry that can be worn for many happy anniversaries. At the same time, couples should be mindful of the ring’s condition and quality, consider a retailer’s warranty, and be sure the piece meets any sustainable or ethical standards the couple wants to uphold. When a piece is as meaningful as an engagement ring, it is critical to be sure everything about the ring brings joy to the couple.


10 Best Engagement Rings For Women

When looking at different engagement rings, certain styles stand out as consistently popular and timeless for generations of romantic proposals and happy marriages. While each engagement ring is different and they can all be personalized for even more individuality, these are the most popular and best women’s engagement rings that stand the test of time.


• Solitaire Ring

The most popular engagement ring style by a wide margin, classic solitaires are elegant and beautiful. Different stone shapes, sizes, and orientations can give extra character and flair to even the simplest solitaire.


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• Bridal Set

A coordinated set that includes both an engagement ring and a wedding ring is a great choice for an organized, efficient bride-to-be. These rings will fit snuggly together and have complementary designs for a smooth, fashionable look.


• Three-Stone Engagement Ring

With the enduring symbolism of a couple’s past, present, and future represented by three coordinated center stones, a three-stone ring can feature different stone shapes and additional accents for even more personalization.


• Antique Engagement Ring

For a ring that truly stands the test of time, an antique ring has stylish flair and distinction that sets it apart from modern designs. Different rings from different eras all have their own unique traits and character.


• Vintage Engagement Ring

Defined as slightly younger than antique rings, vintage rings can also show great history and be a distinctive choice for a distinctive woman, but can still show some modern elements, such as mid-century modern styles.


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• Engagement Band

Instead of an engagement ring with an obvious center stone, choosing a diamond or gemstone band can be a very practical and low-key choice for an active bride-to-be, so she doesn’t have to remove the ring frequently for work, exercise, or other activities.


• Pavé Engagement Ring

Combine the best of a classic solitaire and a diamond band with a pavé ring encrusted with diamonds for the ultimate in sparkling bling. This is a great choice for a daring and fashion-forward woman, as it will catch all eyes from every angle.


• Stacking Ring

Thinner, more delicate rings layered together are great for a fashionista with a changeable sense of style. A petite, stacking engagement ring may soon be joined by a wedding ring, anniversary ring, and other accent rings for a personal look.


• Gemstone Engagement Ring

Not every bride-to-be is in love with diamonds, and gemstone rings can be beautifully colorful alternatives. A birthstone is a symbolic option, or choose thoughtful gems that have other meanings for the couple to convey even more thoughtfulness.


• Heirloom Ring

For a special connection, especially from the groom-to-be’s family to welcome a new woman into their midst, consider an heirloom ring and all the history it can bring to a new generation of marital union and bliss.



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Which Engagement Ring Style Is Right For You?

Whatever design is selected, so long as it is done thoughtfully and with care and respect for the woman’s preferences, it will quickly become a treasured piece of jewelry to be worn with joy and love.



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