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A ring can be a wonderful, meaningful gift for any mother, whether to celebrate Mother’s Day, a birthday, first becoming a mother, an adoption, or just in thanks for all she does. But what styles of mother’s rings will best convey all the love and appreciation a mother deserves? Fortunately, there are many gorgeous options to suit any mother’s style.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Choosing a mother's ring
  • 10 best mothers ring styles
  • Birthstone solitaire
  • Multi-gemstone ring
  • Toi-et-Moi ring
  • Diamond and gemstone ring
  • Twin birthstone ring
  • Heart ring
  • Vintage birthstone ring
  • Engraved band
  • Stacking rings
  • Bridal set
  • Choosing a mother's ring

Choosing a Mother’s Ring

When selecting a ring to give a mother, it is important to consider her jewelry preferences in order to find a ring she will treasure and wear often. Compare her favorite rings she wears most, such as her engagement ring and wedding ring, a favorite cocktail ring, or any other jewelry pieces she wears frequently. This will help you discover what type of metal she prefers, what her favorite gemstone shape may be, or whether she likes simple or elaborate styles, and you’ll be able to select a mother’s ring that matches her fashion favorites.

Also consider the symbolism that can be part of a ring design. Hearts are the simplest way to convey love, while an infinity symbol shows an everlasting connection. Birthstones can represent the children’s birthdays or an adoption month, or names can be engraved on a ring.


10 Best Mother’s Ring Styles

Any carefully and thoughtfully chosen ring can be a beautiful gift for a mother or any woman who has a mother-like influence on one’s life. But which styles are best as mother’s rings?


• Birthstone Solitaire

For just one child, a solitaire with that child’s birthstone is an impactful, simple, and elegant choice. The ring may or may not be accented with diamonds, though for a first-time mother, a simpler, more protected setting can be more practical.


• Multi-Gemstone Ring

Using each child’s birthstone in a personalized ring is the classic mother’s ring design, showcasing each child equally. These rings are often designed as bands to be sure no one birthstone is featured more prominently than any other.


• Toi-et-Moi Ring

A pair of birthstones of comparable size can either represent two children, or else may showcase the mother and child and the bond they share. The stones may be the same shape or could be different shapes to show different preferences and personalities.


• Diamond and Gemstone Ring

A central diamond may be accented with gemstones on the side as a mother’s ring using birthstones to represent children. The diamond represents not only the mother, but her enduring love of the children surrounding her.


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• Twin Birthstone Ring

A birthstone ring featuring two birthstones representing each child in a simple yet elegant design illustrating her never ending love for her children.


• Heart Ring

A heart-shaped ring is another popular choice for mothers, as it boldly shows a mother’s love. The heart (or multiple hearts) may enclose birthstones of the children, or could be engraved with names or initials of the children for more personalization.


• Vintage Birthstone Ring

A vintage ring with birthstones engraved with children’s names is a lovely keepsake for any mother. These gemstone rings may feature aquamarines, opals, or sapphires and can be accented with small gemstones or diamonds to represent each child’s birth month.


• Engraved Band

Instead of engraving a child’s name on a mother’s ring, other engraving options on a plain band can be equally meaningful. Initials or birthdates are popular choices, or simply the word “Mother” “Mom” “Mama” or whatever nickname is favored can be a great design.


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• Stacking Rings

Rather than one ring to represent every child a mother may have, multiple rings can be combined for an entire family look. Choosing delicate stacking rings such as eternity bands or other thin designs can ensure that each ring represents each relationship appropriately.


• Bridal Set

An unusual but distinctive choice for a mother’s ring is a bridal set, where a central diamond or gemstone represents the mother, and the ring wrap or guard is set with diamonds or gemstones to represent the children. Together, the rings complete the family bonds.



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Choosing a Mother's Ring

No matter what style of ring is ultimately presented as a mother’s ring, if it is thoughtfully crafted with symbolism of the special relationship between mother and child, it is sure to quickly become a treasured piece that special mother will treasure for many years.



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