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Proposing marriage to a beloved partner is a memorable event in a couple’s relationship, and not one to be undertaken lightly or casually. But what type of proposal is best for you, your significant other, and the relationship you share? We love these 10 best proposal ideas – use them to inspire your own once-in-a-lifetime moment for this once-in-a-lifetime question!


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • 10 Amazing Proposal Ideas
  • Amazing Views
  • Treasure Hunts
  • For a Bit of Romance
  • Spell It Out
  • Vacation Proposals
  • Sweet Treats
  • Family Proposals
  • Movie Magic
  • Holiday Proposals
  • Hire a Photographer or Videographer
  • Keep It Simple


    10 Amazing Proposal Ideas

    A proposal is so much more than just a simple question, and a proposal needs care and thoughtfulness to really show your true love and commitment. Here are our 10 best proposal ideas for 2023.

    Amazing Views

    Anywhere there are outstanding views can be the setting for an outstanding proposal. Consider stunning options such as under the stars, from a rooftop garden, along a scenic hike, on the beach, or at spectacular moments such as sunrise or sunset. For even better vistas, opt for a hot air balloon ride, a scenic cruise, a vintage train ride, or other ways to add a dramatic backdrop to a very dramatic question.


    Treasure Hunts

    Love is a treasure, and creating a fun treasure hunt is a quirky and memorable way to ask the love of your life to spend their life with you. Different clues could lead them through different significant locations, simulate a timeline of your relationship, or have them puzzling out answers to riddles, with the best answer of all part of the last clue in the hunt.


    For a bit of romance

    Spell It Out

    Instead of asking this ultimate question verbally, make a visual proposal by spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” in a unique way. For a bit of romance, rose petals or lit candles can spell out the question, or use glow-in-the-dark stars on a bedroom ceiling to combine romance and fun. Refrigerator magnets are a quirky choice, sidewalk chalk is a nostalgic option, or elements of the setting can become part of the question, such as seashells on the beach or colorful leaves in an autumn park.


    Vacation Proposals

    Popping the question while on vacation can truly make both the trip and moment extra special. This might be just a sweet weekend getaway at a bed-and-breakfast, or could be a bucket list destination, especially a romantic one, such as proposing atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris or at the iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome. To make the destination even more meaningful, consider it as a preview for a possible wedding or honeymoon location, such as onboard a cruise or at an all-inclusive tropical resort.


    • Sweet Treats or Flowers

    There’s nothing like pairing a sweet question with a sweet treat. Tucking the engagement ring into a box of favorite chocolates is a fun and easy option, or if the proposal will follow an elegant dinner for two, many fine restaurants will decorate a dessert plate with the classic question. A bakery will be happy to ice a cake with a marriage proposal, or the question could simply be paired with a classic romantic dessert, such as chocolate-covered strawberries or a chocolate lava cake.


    • Family Proposals

    Because the marriage proposal will ultimately join two families, it can be fun to get the families involved with asking the question. This could be done with family members making videos or photos holding up signs to spell out the proposal, or the question could simply be asked in the presence of the closest family members, such as at a shared holiday meal. For more fun options, considering having the new fathers-in-law play roles “shotgun wedding” style, or incorporate furry family members for carrying rings or dressing up in wedding roles to help with the proposal.



    • Movie Magic

    Recreating a favorite Hollywood romantic scene can be a great way to propose, and even better if it is a proposal or wedding scene. If there is no one scene that works well, consider using a beloved movie or television show to inspire the proposal with popular quotes, props, character references, and more. Or simply enjoy watching a movie together as a romantic date night, and pop the question when it feels right!


    • Holiday Proposals

    Make a holiday extra special by asking an extra special question as part of the festivities. Christmas proposals might be made with a sparkly gift, a customized ornament, a question spelled out in twinkle lights, or even a visit to Santa, but any holiday can be part of a marriage proposal. Consider an Easter egg hunt to find an engagement ring, a Halloween jack-o-lantern proposing marriage, writing that special question with Fourth of July sparklers, or invoking the luck of the Irish with a St. Patrick’s Day proposal.


    • Hire a Photographer or Videographer

    Go the extra mile for a fantastic proposal by hiring extra help. A photographer or videographer could arrange to be on hand to discreetly capture the special “yes” moment, or different professionals could help create the perfect moment, such as a chef preparing a private dinner or sumptuous dessert, a musician to perform the most romantic love song, or even a guide to lead a private tour to the most proposal-worthy destination.


    Keep It Simple 

    While it can be tempting to get wrapped up in elaborate proposal plans, sometimes the very best way to ask the question is a classic, heartfelt, on-one-knee moment. Even without an extravagant plan, this will still be a memorable moment, a true connection between the couple to begin a new journey and shared life together. So long as you keep your partner’s feelings, preferences, and tastes in mind, the proposal will be one of the very best moments you share, no matter how you ask the question.


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