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The rose cut diamond is a stunning vintage shape, giving jewelry a luxurious and distinctive look. But what is a rose cut, and how does it affect a diamond’s appearance? Our definitive guide to the rose cut diamond will answer all your questions about this vintage look.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is a rose cut diamond?
  • Rose Cut diamond faceting
  • History of the rose cut diamond
  • Popularity
  • Minimalistic flair
  • Buying a rose cut diamond ring
  • Color and Clarity
  • Settings
  • Rose cut diamond ring care
  • Choosing a rose cut diamond

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

Rose cut diamonds and gemstones are easily identified by several features. These stones lack a pavilion – the pointed underside familiar on other diamond shapes. Instead, the rose cut has a flat back, which maximizes the look of the stone’s carat weight, since no extra mass is hidden underneath the stone.


• Rose Cut Diamond Faceting

The rose cut diamond cut has far fewer facets than modern lapidary cuts. A rose cut diamond may have as few as three facets or as many as 24, in contrast to modern round brilliant cuts, which may have 50+ facets. A rose cut’s facets are arranged in a dome shape without the flat-topped table characteristic of modern stone shapes. This gives the diamond a softer, rounded shape with wistful, romantic appeal, creating the illusion of a slightly opened rose bud – the appearance that gave this cut its florally-inspired name.


Because rose cut diamonds have fewer facets, each facet is usually larger than expected and allows easier viewing into the stone, as if looking through clear glass. This vintage cut exhibits less fire and brilliance than modern diamonds, and internal flaws or inclusions may be more visible. A carefully cut rose shape, however, has an understated elegance and a rich, clear depth of view into the stone.


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• History Of The Rose Cut Diamond

The rose cut diamond shape was first developed in the late 1400s and early 1500s, well before any machine assistance for more precise, symmetrical diamond cutting and polishing. This means a rose cut diamond’s facets may be somewhat uneven or imprecise, relying on the skill of the lapidary who shaped each stone. This gives these stones a truly one-of-a-kind appearance that demonstrates the artistry of each craftsman and sets each piece apart.


• Popularity

Rose cut diamonds and gemstones were exceptionally popular during the Georgian (1750-1770) and Victorian (1840-1900) jewelry eras, and are often found in rings, pendants, brooches, pins, earrings, and other vintage pieces from those eras. While the cut briefly lost popularity when the brilliant cut was invented in the early 1900s, rose cuts did have a brief resurgence of style during the Art Deco (1920- 1945) period when larger gems were favored for many pieces. Because the rose cut maximizes the stone’s carat weight appearance, it was an ideal choice for dramatic jewelry fashion in the 1920s and 1930s, including flashy cocktail rings.


• Minimalistic Flair

Today, the simplicity of the cut appeals to anyone with a minimalist flair, and rose cuts are popular in vintage-inspired pieces and antique fashions showcased in such popular Hollywood shows as Downton Abbey, The Crown, Bridgerton, and Game of Thrones. The rose cut is a versatile stone, and while round shapes are the most common, this diamond cut can be applied to a variety of basic shapes, including cushion, oval, and pear diamond shapes. Rose cuts can also be found in more unusual shapes, such as hexagons and kite-shaped diamonds.


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Buying a Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Understanding a rose cut can help you decide if the stone shape matches your style preferences. Because these stones are unusual in today’s market, it is best to work with a vintage retailer with experience in older, more unique diamond shapes to ensure the stone is authentic and the cut quality is acceptable.


• Color and Clarity

A rose cut diamond with better color and clarity ratings will look its best, and the diamond should be free of major flaws that could expand to larger cracks or chips if the stone is accidentally stressed. Even small flaws may be visible in rose cuts, however, so it is important to be pragmatic when gauging the stone’s overall quality.


• Settings

If you really like the stone shape but aren’t as enamored with the overall jewelry pieces, consider having a vintage rose cut diamond reset into a modern piece. These shapes work well in halo, bezel, and prong settings, all of which can help showcase just how stunning and unique the diamonds are. A new setting can also give the stone and updated look, and while some individuals enjoy the history implied in the nicks and scuffs of an older piece, not everyone treasures a more weathered look to their jewelry.


Rose Cut Diamond Ring Care

After you buy a rose cut diamond ring, proper care is essential to keep the stone looking its best. Because these flat-bottomed diamonds sit close to the skin, they are more susceptible to buildup from body oils, dust, dirt, and other material that can dull the stone. Regular cleaning with a gentle de-greasing cleanser will keep the stone looking bright and brilliant, and a soft, lint-free cloth can be used to buff the stone’s surface to a lovely shine.

Because rose cut diamonds have larger, more visible facets than modern diamond cuts, the stone will need to be protected against the possibility of chips and scratches. Storing rose cut diamond jewelry in separate compartments, lint-free bags, or individual dishes instead of mixing it with other jewelry will protect the vintage stone from being scratched or scratching others. Similarly, the jewelry should be removed before any activities that could cause nicks or chips, such as household cleaning, gym exercise, gardening, and so forth.


It is always wise for any diamond jewelry to be regularly inspected by an experienced jeweler, but this is especially critical for vintage pieces. These inspections can note any weaknesses in settings, bands, fasteners, clasps, and other parts of the jewelry so they can be repaired right away, before a stone may be lost. Documenting these inspections can be helpful for any jewelry insurance coverage and will also be useful should the piece ever be lost or stolen.


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Choosing a Rose Cut Diamond

A rose cut diamond is a unique and distinctive choice for all types of diamond jewelry, and understanding more about this cut can help you make an informed choice for your vintage diamond jewelry preferences. When thoughtfully chosen, however, a rose cut ring can be a stunning symbol of the complex and intricate love a couple shares.


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