10 Diamond Rings for Women That Truly Stand Out From the Crowd (2024)

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Diamonds are a classic, elegant choice for any woman, but diamond rings are so universally popular, how can you choose one that will truly stand out? Fortunately, there are many stunning options and every woman can find the perfect diamond ring for her best and most unique jewelry fashion.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Top 10 Diamond Rings For Women That Stand Out
  • Sizeable Solitaires
  • Halo Rings
  • Diminutive Sparkle
  • True Eternity Rings
  • Colored Diamonds
  • Antique Diamond Rings
  • Colored Gold
  • Toi et Moi Rings
  • Broad Diamond Bands
  • Unique Diamond Shapes
  • Ensuring an Eye Catching Ring

Top 10 Diamond Rings For Women That Stand Out

Every woman wants to show off her personal style and distinction, and there are great diamond rings that can do just that. Which style works best will depend on individual preferences, but any of these designs can be a showstopping choice.

• Sizeable Solitaires

A classic solitaire is always stunning, and a great way to make one stand out from the ordinary is with a larger diamond. While this may not be in everyone’s budget, choosing an elongated cut such as an oval, pear, or marquise or opting for an old European cut stone with narrower dimensions that will look longer on the finger is a great way to maximize carat size. An east-west setting that runs across the finger can also create an illusion of a larger and more dramatic stone.


• Halo Rings

A halo ring has a full surround of diamonds circling a center stone, creating the illusion of a much larger, more elaborate cut. This can be particularly show stopping when the cuts are mixed, such as baguettes creating a ray-like effect around a princess or emerald cut center stone. Another option is small round stones around a larger oval or round cut, which produces a romantic flower-like effect. 


• Diminutive Sparkle

Bigger isn’t the only way to have a diamond ring that truly stands out. Opting for a micro-pave ring setting with very small stones or diamond chips encrusting the surface creates the ultimate in glittery fire, where the entire ring is illuminated with sparkle. Small rings can also be beautifully delicate and may be a more practical choice for women who are unable to wear large rings due to their work, daily activities, or style preferences.


• True Eternity Rings

An eternity or infinity diamond band is one with a complete circlet of stones around the entire finger, not just on the top or “front” side of the ring. This ensures the ring has maximum fire from every angle, even if it twists around on the finger. These bands can be made with round stones, emerald cuts, or other diamond shapes for even more distinction.


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• Colored Diamonds

While every diamond can be a magnificent stone, a colored diamond is even more so with its unique shade and impressive sparkle. Colorless diamonds may be the most popular and common shade, but pink, blue, yellow, black, champagne, and other shades offer even more distinction without sacrificing the fire and durability diamonds are best known for.


• Antique Diamond Rings

An antique diamond ring can be a stunning addition to any woman’s ensemble. These pieces showcase exquisite workmanship, with designs that evoke a rich history and timeless elegance. With multiple eras to choose from – Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, and more – every woman can find a marvelous antique diamond ring that will stand out from all their other jewelry.


• Colored Gold

Any diamond ring – of any size, style, or design – can stand out when set in an unusually colored gold. While white gold and yellow gold are the classic choices, opting for subtle rose gold, brighter pink gold, sage gold, chocolate gold, or bold shades of black or blue can give a ring a truly eye-catching pop of color while still enjoying a stunning diamond. For even more flair, consider a two-tone or multi-tone gold setting to set off a diamond.


• Toi et Moi Rings

Two diamonds are better than one in a toi et moi (you and me) ring design. These rings feature two stones of similar size, but often of different shapes to symbolize two different individuals. The symbolism could also be two aspects of one person’s personality using two favorite diamond shapes, or two different diamond colors for even more beauty and unusual distinction.


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• Broad Diamond Bands

A diamond band doesn’t have to be a delicate, thin design. A broad band with wider stones wears well on larger hands, and catches the eye with its boldness. Small stones can also create a wider band when arranged in parallel lines for more thickness, and alternating stone shapes can give the ring unique texture and patterning that will stand out.


• Unique Diamond Shapes

Sometimes the best standout of all is a unique diamond shape or cut, one that isn’t so common in most rings. This can be done by selecting a stone with very unusual proportions – such as a narrow pear or marquise – or opting for a vintage or antique cut like a rose cut or hexagonal cut diamond. The bold Asscher or cushion cut cut can be another choice, or a very unique kite cut diamond.



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Ensuring an Eye-Catching Ring

With so many diamond rings that can stand out from the crowd, it is important to ensure that an eye- catching ring always remains looking its best. Take care that the ring is properly sized so it will fit well without slipping, since a crooked ring can detract from its natural beauty. Inspect the ring regularly to be sure it does not need repairs, and keep it clean to maximize the fire and sparkle.

With great care – both in selection as well as keeping the ring looking beautiful – a unique diamond ring will be a woman’s signature piece and will ensure her individual sparkle stands out from the crowd at all times.



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