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Every bride-to-be dreams of a unique engagement ring, a gorgeous symbol of love and commitment unlike any ring another bride might wear. But what can make an engagement ring truly unique? There are more ways than many couples realize to find or create the ultimate unique engagement ring, no matter what a bride’s style preference or a couple’s budget may be.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is the most popular engagement ring?
  • 11 best engagement rings any woman can love
  • Unusual center stone
  • Colored gemstones
  • Unique setting
  • Metal choice
  • Intricate metalwork
  • Birthstone symbolism
  • Vintage rings
  • Engraving
  • Where to buy an engagement ring?
  • Choosing an engagement ring


What is the Most Popular Engagement Ring?

Recognizing the most popular engagement ring is the first step for a couple to ensure their ring is unique. The classic round diamond solitaire, prong-set engagement ring is the most popular, familiar style beloved by brides for generations. Other widespread stone shapes are the princess cut, oval, and emerald-cut engagement rings, and couples looking for a more unique design may want to consider alternative diamond and gemstone shapes.

Other design options that are frequently seen include pave settings for extra bling, three stone rings with either diamonds or colored gemstones, and halo settings to enhance a center stone. Yellow gold and platinum remain the most popular metals for engagement rings of any style.



11 Best Engagement Rings Any Woman Can love

There are many ways to make an engagement ring unique, even if a couple prefers some elements that are widely popular. It is possible to create a beautifully engagement ring that is still instantly recognizable as a symbol of a couple’s dedication and commitment. Popular options include:


• Unusual Center Stone

Instead of a popular stone shape, a more unusual shape or cut such as the cushion cut, Asscher cut, pear shape, emerald cut, old European cut can be an eye-catcher for a unique diamond engagement ring. Combining different stone shapes, such as a round center stone accented with heart-shaped side stones, is another way to blend traditional and unusual elements for a one-of-a-kind design. Another option is to choose a stone with less-than-perfect proportions, such as a wider or narrower marquise or emerald cut, for a stunning ring that still has hints of traditional flair.


• Colored Gemstones

Instead of a diamond, couples could select a colored gemstone as the ring’s focal point. A ruby, sapphire, or emerald can be a gorgeous choice, or couples could go for even more unusual stone choices such as birthstones, synthetic diamonds, or pearls. Take care to understand the proper care of unusual gemstones, however, so they will look their best without risking damage.


• Unique Setting Style

The prong setting is the most popular for engagement rings, but there are many other styles that can add unique touches to a ring. Consider bezel, tension, channel, split-shank, or bypass settings for uniqueness, or combine a prong setting with accents set in a different fashion for more texture and detail.


• Metal Choice

Yellow gold and platinum may be most common for engagement rings, but they are far from the only options. White gold can have a warm luster that adds character to a ring, while titanium and palladium are other bold choices. Colored golds – sage gold, rose gold, or even grey gold – blend gold with other metals for unique and charming hues. Different shades of gold can also be combined in a single ring for unexpected bursts of color.


• Intricate Metalwork

Extra details can be added to an engagement ring with intricate metalwork, turning a commonplace ring into a work of art. This could include extra stones in different settings, filigree detailing, milgrain edging, or other flourishes. Designs could be made geometrically, embrace the romance of flowers and nature, or have elegant wave-like patterns.


• Birthstone Symbolism

A couple can easily add personalized symbolism to an alternative engagement ring, creating a jewelry piece that tells their individual love story. This may be done through using birthstones as a center stone or accent stones to represent significant dates, choosing a vintage ring from a particular era special to the couple, purchasing the ring from a meaningful place, or adapting the number stones in the ring for even more meaning.


• Vintage Rings

Choosing an engagement ring with a rich and detailed history is a great way to enjoy a unique ring. Vintage rings and antique engagement rings come with their own tapestries of romance, and a new couple’s promise to one another can be another chapter in the ring’s story. The more a couple knows about an antique ring, such as a family heirloom, the more personal and unique it will be.



• Engraving

An easy and meaningful way to make an engagement ring unique is with personalized engraving. Many couples add their initials, a romantic sentiment, or even that all important question – Will You Marry Me? – inside the ring as a private touch. Dates are another popular option, and may be the date the couple first met, their first date, the date of the proposal, or the anticipated wedding date.


Where to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Many jewelry retailers can add unique details to an engagement ring, but a couple that wants a truly outstanding piece will do even better to start with a vintage or antique ring. These engagement rings already feature many details of uniqueness, and can be more affordable than new rings. A reputable vintage engagement ring dealer will also be able to provide customization services, such as switching stones, engraving, or adjusting the setting. Dealers experienced with vintage rings can also help trace a ring’s unique history, and are well-versed in the symbolism of different jewelry eras to help a couple choose their most meaningful ring.


Choosing an Engagement Ring

Ultimately, the very best engagement ring is one truly unique to a couple and their special relationship. If the ring is a design or style important and meaningful to a couple, then it is their best ring, no matter what unique elements it may or may not include. In time, their own unique relationship will continue to add meaning to the ring, and a thoughtfully chosen engagement ring will be a beautiful part of their love story for many years to come.



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