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A promise ring can be a lovely symbol of a very special promise, and as such, deserves to be a very special and meaningful design. Depending on the intent of the promise, who is making it, and to whom the promise is made, there are many beautiful design options for sweetly simple promise rings.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is a promise ring?
  • Why choose a simple design?
  • 11 best promise rings for women
  • Birthstone ring
  • Dainty diamond ring
  • Cluster rings
  • Claddagh rings
  • Stacking rings
  • Heart rings
  • Toi et moi rings
  • Cross rings
  • Dainty wedding band
  • Gemstone ring
  • Choosing the best promise ring

What is a Promise Ring?

When a ring is given to symbolize a promise, it becomes a promise ring. The ring may be exchanged between the individual making the promise and the person they are promising to, or may be given in representation of a more general promise to oneself, to a group, or to a community.


Why Choose a Simple Design?

While everyone has different fashionable preferences for the jewelry they wear, a simple design is often best for a promise ring. Rather than an elaborate and potentially overwhelming design, a simple promise ring focuses on the vow and emphasizes the meaning behind the promise. Simple rings can still be beautifully fashionable, but are also easier to wear continuously as a reminder of the promise, no matter what other jewelry pieces or accessories might be worn at the same time.


11 Best Promise Rings For Women

There are many choices available for stunning promise rings with simple elegance. Popular options include…

• Birthstone Ring

A pop of color can be a simple reminder of a promise, and may symbolize a date significant to that promise, such as when it was made or when it is hoped to be fulfilled. A specific birthstone can even represent the person to whom the promise was made by their birth month.


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• Dainty Ring

While a diamond ring is the most familiar type of promise ring, a smaller, simpler diamond ring with side stones can symbolize any type of promise. These styles are also very popular as “pre-engagement” rings before a couple may be ready to make a full commitment to wed.


• Cluster Ring

A ring with a cluster of several diamonds or gemstones rather than a center stone symbolizes the ties that bind a promise together. Rings that cluster several diamonds or other stones together to present the appearance of a larger stone are popular for promise rings.


• Claddagh Rings

The two hands clasping a heart topped by a crown is a classic Irish symbol and meaningful for any shared promise or romantic vow made with love, loyalty, and friendship. With its centuries-long history, a claddagh is a deeply committed symbol that adds longevity to any promise.


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• Stacking Rings

These thin, delicate rings are designed to coordinate with several rings together, which can combine a promise with other meaning and symbolism, whether the promise ring is plain or features a simple gem or other design. This can make it easier to wear the promise ring with different styles over time, keeping it fresh and relevant.


• Heart Rings

Any heart-shaped accent on a simple promise ring can represent a promise made with love or romance. The heart could be a heart-shaped diamond or gemstone, a heart woven into the metal of the band, an engraved or etched heart, or even intertwined hearts to show a shared promise.


• Toi et Moi Rings

These duel rings, also called duet rings or twin stone rings, feature two gems of approximately equal size. This can represent two parties involved in a promise or two parts of a more complicated promise. If birthstones are used, the ring will show even more colorful significance and symbolism.


• Cross Rings

A cross is the ideal symbol for any promise made with a religious basis, such as a vow of purity or chastity, commitment to one’s faith through baptism or confirmation, joining a seminary, or otherwise proclaiming one’s faith. The cross might be a figural addition to a simple band, or could be etched or engraved on the band.


• Dainty Wedding Band

A dainty wedding band or a plain metal band is the simplest design of all for a promise ring, but it still represents that vow. Choosing a more unique metal such as rose gold, chocolate gold, or even sage gold can give the ring extra distinction without the need for extra details that might detract from the purity of the promise.


• Gemstone Ring

To add a bit more meaning to a gemstone promise ring, engrave a word or phrase related to the promise either on the interior where it will stay private and concealed, or on the outside of the band where it will be a very visible reminder of the promise the ring represents. Even just the word “promise” can be a lovely choice, no matter what the promise is about.


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Choosing the Best Promise Ring

No matter what simple design you choose for a promise ring, keep the style in mind to be sure it matches with the wearer’s preferences. The more meaningful and thoughtful the ring’s design may be, the more meaningful it will help the promise to be. This will ensure the ring becomes a favorite piece of jewelry, one that will not only be a part of that special vow, but will also be a joy to wear even after the promise may be completed.



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