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There are so many great gemstone options in 2023 to choose from when it comes to picking your engagement ring. One of the finest precious gemstones that can actually help symbolize a relationship is the gorgeous and timeless sapphire. Understanding what a sapphire is, its origin, history and symbolism, may help you decide if a sapphire ring is the best option for you to symbolize your timeless journey with your partner.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is a sapphire?
  • 12 best sapphire rings any woman can love
  • Sapphire mines
  • Ceylon color
  • Burma color
  • Kashmir color
  • Durability
  • Treatments
  • Vintage rings
  • Sapphire meaning an symbolism
  • Wisdom and truth
  • September birthstone
  • Celebrity
  • History
  • Choosing a sapphire ring

What is a Sapphire?

The Sapphire is a precious gemstone which is a variety of the mineral corundum. Sapphires come in a variety of colors, but it is best known for its vibrant shades of blue. Blue sapphire hues range from light blue, to dark blue to a cornflower blue. Even though the sapphire is most well known for its blue shades, it can be found in many different colors, including orange, yellow, purple, green, brown, gray, black, and even clear (or colorless). Because of this variety, the sapphire is a versatile gemstone, quite popular in vintage jewelry, including antique engagement rings and pieces from different historical periods.


12 Best Sapphire Rings Any Woman Can love

• Sapphire Mines

Many of the world's top sapphires were mined in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Burma (now Myanmar), Madagascar and Kashmir. Sapphires are also mined in India and in the United States in Montana. Elegant and sophisticated, sapphires are richly colored gemstones most well known for their shades of brilliant blue, but the most well known sapphires are from Ceylon, Burma and Kashmir.


• Ceylon Color

Ceylon sapphires are the most affordable and are a lighter shade of blue. Ceylon sapphires are known for their exceptional color range, which includes vibrant blues. The intense and captivating colors of Ceylon sapphires make them stand out.




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• Burma Color

Burma sapphires are also coveted and are a deeper darker color of blue. Burma sapphires are renowned for their exceptional color quality. They are known for their rich, velvety blue hue. The intense and vivid color of Burma sapphires is considered among the finest and most coveted in the world.



• Kashmir Color

The infamous "Kashmir" sapphires are the most rare with a distinctive blue known as “cornflower blue". Kashmir sapphires are celebrated for their extraordinary blue color making it one of the most sought-after shades in the sapphire world.



• Durability

Sapphires are extremely durable and rank 9 on the Moe's scale of hardness. This makes sapphires very resistant to chips and cracks and can easily be worn every day without fear of excessive damage.



• Treatments

Today, most of the world's sapphires have some form of "heating" treatment added in order to enhance their color. Finding a sapphire (especially Kashmir or Burma) without any type of heat treatment is very difficult, and they are highly sought after. Untreated sapphires can be more expensive than diamonds. As with any precious or semi precious gemstone, the GIA or AGL labs are independent laboratories focusing on the origins and the treatments of sapphire and other gemstones.


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• Vintage Rings

Vintage sapphire rings are inherently eco-friendly and conflict free as there has not been any irreplaceable resources used that have little or no impact on the environment and ecosystem. Many consumers prefer to opt for a sapphire engagement ring that is conflict free in order to avoid any humanitarian concerns that might be raised from the possibility of unethical mining practices.


Sapphire Meaning and Symbolism

Wisdom and Truth

Sapphires have long been considered the “Stone of Wisdom.” Popular in Hebrew, Greek, and Buddhist religions, many ancient cultures believed this sparkling stone would provide the wearer with mental clarity and spiritual truth. The sapphire symbolizes innocence, honesty and strength.


• September Birthstone

Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for September and the symbolic gemstone for the fifth and forty-fifth wedding anniversaries. There are many occasions when a sapphire can make a gorgeous statement in your jewelry. A sapphire engagement ring, or a gemstone ring is always a style worth celebrating.


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• Celebrity

For those who love the glamour of past and present, Hollywood and royalty, you can enjoy a vintage sapphire ring knowing it is a favorite of many celebrities. This gemstone has adorned the fingers of top names including Kate Middleton, Liz Hurley and Penelope Cruz.



• History

This sapphire was popular in both Greek and Roman cultures, as well as during the Victorian and Edwardian eras when colored gems were particularly favored. Sapphires were also especially popular for their bold colors during the Art Deco era, when larger, geometric rings with bright colors were in vogue. Because of the beauty and widespread availability of sapphires, these stones have been consistently popular with rings and jewelry for generations.


Choosing a Sapphire Ring

For centuries, sapphires have been, and continue to be, a stunning choice for engagement rings. Ultimately, whether or not to choose a sapphire engagement ring is a matter of personal preference. No matter the reason for choosing a sapphire ring, we are confident you will find the perfect one that will last a lifetime.


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