12 Best Unique Engagement Rings for Under $1,500 (2023)

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With the average cost of an engagement ring today coming in at roughly $5,000, couples on a tighter budget may worry that they will not find many attractive, unique rings in their price range. Fortunately, there are many gorgeous rings available at all price points, and a savvy couple can easily find a stunning, unique engagement ring for under $1,500.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What engagement ring to expect for $1,500
  • 12 Best unique engagement rings
  • Solitaire engagement rings
  • Non Diamond engagement rings
  • Birthstone rings
  • Promise rings
  • Stacking rings
  • Two tone engagement rings
  • Twin stone engagement rings
  • Flower engagement rings
  • Vintage rings
  • Protecting your purchase
  • Choosing a unique engagement ring for under $1,500

What to Expect – or Not – For $1,500

When shopping for a less expensive engagement ring, it is important that couples be clear on their expectations. For $1,500, it is unlikely they will find a very large carat diamond ring with flawless clarity, perfectly colorless stones, and a precision cut, nor will they be able to choose a ring with extraordinarily elaborate metalwork around a luxuriously large center stone.


What couples will find, however, are beautiful rings that can showcase their commitment to one another. These rings may be slightly simpler in design, or may have minor imperfections in the stone that, while making the diamond or gemstone less expensive, may not even be visible to the casual eye. When carefully chosen, an engagement ring of any price can be extraordinary, representing a couple’s love and commitment in a unique and beautiful way.



12 Best Unique Engagement Rings Under $1,500

Careful shopping and a keen eye can find amazing engagement rings for any budget. If a couple is looking to keep their engagement ring under $1,500, these top options are a great starting point!

• Solitaire Engagement Rings

The classic diamond solitaire engagement ring can be found at any price point. Choosing an elongated diamond shape such as a marquise, emerald, oval, or pear will maximize the size appearance of smaller carat weights, as will opting for slightly longer proportions that give the illusion of a larger stone for a smaller budget..


• Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Instead of a diamond, couples with a $1,500 budget may consider diamond alternatives like zircon, white topaz, or white sapphire. While a very critical eye may see the differences in fire that distinguish these gemstones from diamonds, they are still lovely choices that have that classic appearance of a colorless gem.


• Birthstone Rings

Birthstone rings can be a meaningful option for far less expense than a diamond, and the stone could be chosen as one partner’s birthstone, the month of the proposal, the month of the planned wedding, or any other significant date. The stone doesn’t even need date significance, and could simply be chosen as a colorful, eye-catching alternative to a diamond.


• Promise Rings

A marriage proposal is the ultimate promise, and there is nothing wrong with choosing a promise ring to serve as a full engagement ring. Promise rings are generally simpler with smaller stones and fewer details that helps them be less expensive, but they have a sweet innocence and classic elegance perfect for symbolizing an engagement.


• Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are smaller, more delicate rings meant to be worn in a variable set, switched and swapped as the wearer’s moods and fashion preferences change. A simple diamond stacking ring can be an engagement ring and the first in a set that will grow with the wedding ring, anniversary rings, and other special occasions the couple will share in their life together.


• Two-Tone Engagement Ring

A two-tone engagement ring combines different metals for a distinctive look without the expense of added stones. For an engagement ring, different types of gold can be twisted or braided for a textured ring, or may be used to form different accents and designs in the setting. Yellow, white, rose, sage, and chocolate gold are all amazing options.


• Multi-Stone Engagement Ring

A multi-stone engagement ring features many stones of comparable size equally highlighted in the design. Many couples use birthstones for the gems to represent both partners, but the stones can be any type, including opal and diamonds. Choosing birthstones or other gems is a great way to lower the cost and still have a unique engagement ring.


• Flower Engagement Rings

No flower indicates romance more than a rose, and a ring designed with a rose-inspired setting or floral metalwork is a nostalgic, romantic choice. A diamond may be nestled in the center of the bloom for a sparkling accent, or smaller stones may be highlights around a central flower. These nature-inspired designs were particularly popular in the Victorian era.


• Vintage Rings

There are many stunning antique and vintage engagement rings available for under $1,500, from many iconic jewelry eras. Couples may like the bold geometry of Art Deco rings, or the intricate details of Edwardian rings, or the romantic themes of Victorian rings. Sleeker designs are found in the mid-century modern era, or couples may enjoy the whimsy and outrageous designs of retro engagement rings.



Protecting Your Purchase

No matter what type of engagement ring a couple chooses or how much it cost, every unique engagement ring should be properly protected, as the ring will be impossible to replace if it is badly damaged, lost, or stolen. Regular inspections can ensure the integrity of the ring and catch minor problems for easier repairs, and proper care can keep the ring looking brilliant as the years pass. It is also wise to consult with an insurance agent to protect the ring under a rental or homeowner insurance policy, and all paperwork associated with the ring – receipts, inspection reports, authentication documents, etc. – should be kept in a safe place.


Choosing a Unique Engagement Ring for Under $1,500

There are many beautiful and unique engagement rings available for any budget, and even if couples plan to spend less than $1,500, they can still find a gorgeous, meaningful ring to represent their everlasting commitment.

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