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The Valentine's day heart shape is the single most iconic symbol of love, embodying both the sweet innocence of young love and the enduring romance of a lifelong passion. Choosing a Valentines day heart-shaped engagement ring or other piece of jewelry is a great way to express love and the commitment you share with that someone special.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • About the heart shape
  • 13 best Valentine's day gifts
  • Heart shaped birthstone rings
  • Heart metal work rings
  • Vintage ring with heart motif
  • Vintage heart rings
  • Heart shaped gemstone necklaces
  • Double heart rings
  • Heart promise rings
  • Diamond heart necklaces
  • Claddagh or side heart rings
  • Heart shaped rings
  • Which Valentine's day ring is right for you?

    About The Heart Shape?

    There are many ways a heart shape for Valentine's day can be incorporated into jewelry. Faceted gems can be cut into hearts as a variation of the brilliant cut, with 56-58 facets to show off the natural sparkle of the stone. Hearts can also be woven into the metalwork of a ring setting, pendant design, or bracelet motif. The shape may also be engraved, stamped, or carved into a ring’s band or other space on the jewelry.

    Because hearts represent love and relationships, they can be a lovely part of many designs. Heart- shaped promise rings are a popular way to pledge one’s love, as are heart-shaped engagement rings. Heart necklaces and pendants are popular for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries, as are heart designs in earrings.


    When choosing a heart shape, study the proportions of the heart carefully to ensure it is both pleasing and recognizable. If the heart’s notch is not suitably pronounced, for example, the shape will not be as clearly noticeable. While a 1:1 height-to-width ratio is often ideal, slightly wider or thinner hearts can also be attractive and the overall proportions are largely a matter of personal preference.


    13 Best Valentine's Day Gifts

    Heart-shaped rings for Valentines day and other pieces of jewelry come in a wide range of designs suitable for all relationships and occasions. The most popular options include…

    • Heart-Shaped Birthstone Rings

    With a glittering ruby, garnet, pink sapphire, peridot, sapphire or even a pink diamond as a center stone, these rings use the heart shape as a focal point. Using a heart- shaped birthstone can add even more personalization to the piece. This can be a great option for a lovely engagement ring or a right hand ring, and heart-shaped diamonds could also be used as a solitaire engagement ring with a traditional touch.


    • Heart Metalwork Rings

    If heart-shaped gemstones aren’t suitable for a ring’s central design, hearts can be worked into the overall ring to add romantic detail to the setting and band. A heart as part of an open prong setting, for example, can be a unique and sweet detail. Open hearts throughout the ring’s overall design also add airiness and a lace-like aspect to the piece.


    • Vintage Ring with Heart Motif

    It is easy to add heart-shaped Valentine's day symbolism to any engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary band, or other piece with a secret engraving. Skilled engravers can easily create different single or double heart designs inside a ring, on the backside of a band, or under a pendant for a hidden, private message.


    • Vintage Heart Rings

    Because hearts have been popular design elements for generations, many vintage pieces have lovely hearts worked into the overall craftsmanship of the piece. This is true for rings and pendants, as well as brooches, bracelets, earrings, and other types of jewelry. A vintage piece can not only convey a romantic connection, but is also rich with the history of the successful relationships that came before.


    • Heart-Shaped Gemstone Necklaces

    While heart designs are most prominent in rings, they can also be found in necklaces, pendants and earrings as either a gemstone heart shaped necklace, heart-shaped studs or as part of more elaborate designs in teardrop or pendant earrings. These can be a lovely choice to coordinate with a heart-shaped ring for a matched set with richly romantic symbolism.


    • Double Heart Rings

    Two interlocking hearts is another variation on a heart-shaped ring that can symbolize two lives intertwined, such as a romantic couple, best friends, or a parent-child relationship. These designs are ideal for a promise ring or even a unique wedding ring, and can incorporate metalwork, gemstones, and other details.


    • Heart Promise Rings

    When intended as a promise ring, heart-shaped rings with gemstones are generally less ornate and more delicate. A simple metal heart on a matching or coordinating band is a simple buy highly symbolic choice, or a small heart-shaped solitaire is a great option. A promise ring can even be designed as a stackable ring to grow over the years.


    • Diamond Heart Necklaces

    A heart-shaped necklace for Valentines day or any day for that matter is a beautiful expression of love, and a wide variety of designs are available. A larger heart shape may be paved or outlined with diamonds for the ultimate sparkle, perhaps with a center stone positioned in the middle of the heart. A gold heart might also have diamond or gemstone accents instead of a full pave. Either way, diamond necklaces and pendants are classic, enduring pieces for any relationship.



    • Claddagh or Side Heart Rings

    The central or side hearts of a claddagh ring adds romantic symbolism to this traditional Irish design, which is popular as a promise ring, engagement ring, or just a symbol of love and commitment. The joined hands typically represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty and commitment, all great qualities for a lasting relationship.


    • Heart-Shaped Rings

    Heart-shaped diamonds or gemstones for Valentine's day can be used as accents to a more traditionally-shaped center stone for a lovely accent and extra sparkle. Hearts pair especially well with round, marquise, princess, and emerald-cut center stones, but can be worked into any ring design alongside a favorite shape.


    Which Valentine's Day Ring Is Right For You?

    Hearts for valentine's day is instantly recognizable for their romantic associations, and are a popular type of design for many lovely rings, pendants, and other types of jewelry. Choosing a heart-shaped engagement ring or jewelry can symbolize a wonderful relationship connection in a classic and timeless way, and any piece with heart accents can quickly become a favorite piece of jewelry to wear for many years.


    Vintage Engagement Rings For Everyone:

    No matter which era is your favorite, these time-honored rings have a rich history and individualized character and will continue to have a timeless beauty and elegant appeal that is part of a legacy to pass on to future generations.

    Find The Perfect Engagement Ring:

    Vintage rings are prized not only for their beauty but also for their exquisite attention to detailing and faceting. If you’re looking for a ring with a sense of glamour, sophistication and vintage charm, explore our collection of unique engagement rings today!


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