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A simple engagement ring can be an elegant, stylish statement for any marriage promise, but a simple ring is not necessarily simple to choose or purchase. This definitive guide to simple engagement rings can help you discover the beauty of simpler styles and more easily choose the perfect minimalist ring to share with the perfect partner.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is a simple engagement ring?
  • 14 best simple engagement rings
  • The 4 C's
  • Gemstone ring
  • Metal option
  • Gemstone shape
  • Setting style
  • Wearer's preference
  • Solitaire ring
  • Engagement ring with side stones
  • Stackable ring
  • Toi et moi ring
  • Bridal set
  • Metalwork ring
  • Simple engagement ring cost?
  • Which simple engagement ring style is right for you?

    What is a Simple Engagement Ring?

    A simple engagement ring does not have to be predictable or commonplace. There are many ways to add a touch of personalization to a simple style without creating a more elaborate ring. Small details, such as an intimate engraving inside the ring’s band where only the wearer will know it is there, can add big meaning to an engagement ring. Choosing a favorite stone shape, a birthstone for symbolism, or a small touch of metalwork on the setting can set even the simplest ring apart.


    14 Best Simple Engagement Rings

    Even choosing the simplest engagement ring is a complex decision and it is important to thoroughly understand engagement rings when shopping for this most significant piece of jewelry. Consider...

    • The 4 C's

    Being familiar with the four “Cs” of diamond quality – color, clarity, carat, and cut – is essential to choose a good quality engagement ring, whether it is simple or complex. Take time to learn about each of these and how they impact a diamond’s value and appearance.


    • Gemstone Ring

    While diamonds are the traditional choice for an engagement ring, many couples are opting for colored gemstones for more unique rings, greater sustainability, deeper symbolism, or personal preference. Understand what gemstones you may be interested in and what the hallmarks of their quality are.


    • Metal Option

    Gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings, but it comes in different colors and karat values. Furthermore, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, and other metals are also possible options for an engagement ring and can add distinction to even the simplest styles.


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    • Gemstone Shape

    While round, brilliant cut diamonds and gemstones are the most popular for engagement rings, many other stone shapes are available and can be beautiful, eye-catching choices for a simple ring.


    • Setting Style

    The setting of an engagement ring frames the stone and showcases its beauty. Without extra bling and multiple accents, the setting becomes critical to show the center stone off to its best advantage, while still holding the stone securely.


    • Wearer’s Preference

    When choosing an engagement ring, always consider the wearer’s preferences, style, and fashion sense. This will ensure they are happy with the ring and willing to wear it for many years to come, no extra embellishments needed.


    Simple engagement rings are timeless, classic styles that remain beautiful for many years, rather than looking like tired, overwrought trends within a few years. The most popular and everlasting simple engagement ring styles include…

    • Solitaire Ring

    Nothing beats the popularity of the classic diamond solitaire, with no distractions to detract from the singular beauty of the stone.


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    • Engagement Ring with Side Stones

    For a bit of simple bling, elegant side stones can enhance a central diamond, so long as they aren’t so large or ornate that they draw attention away from the center stone.


    • Stackable Ring

    Thinner, simpler rings can easily be stacked to suit a bride-to-be’s preferences and ever-changing style over time. This designs starts with one truly simple engagement ring, but will be built in the years to come.


    • Toi et Moi Ring

    These rings, with two center stones of nearly equal size, catch the eye with their duality and offer twice as much opportunity for self-expression.


    • Bridal Set

    While a matched bridal or wedding set may be more elaborate when both the engagement ring and wedding rings are joined, the initial engagement ring is generally simpler and will only grow more complicated when the wedding ring is added.


    • Metalwork Ring

    Instead of focusing on diamonds or gemstones, a metalwork ring might have a twist, braid, or wave in the band for simple beauty without needing stones at all.


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    Simple Engagement Ring Cost

    Because a simple engagement ring has fewer details that add to its overall cost, these rings may be less expensive than more elaborate styles. Many couples, however, prefer to opt for higher quality elements in a simple ring, such as a higher quality diamond or gemstone, since the eye will be drawn more to that stone in a simple ring. Consider the shape of the stone to maximize its “eye size” compared to its carat weight, and take other details into account where the quality will really shine through. Fortunately, there are simple engagement rings available for every budget, from rings that cost less than $500 to rings that may cost $5,000 or higher.


    Which Simple Engagement Ring Style Is Right For You?

    Asking for someone’s hand in marriage seems, on the surface, to be a simple question, but every couple knows it is a very complex decision to ask and to answer. Simple engagement rings can be equally complex and layered with meaning. When thoughtfully chosen, however, a simple engagement ring can be a stunning symbol of the complex and intricate love a couple shares.


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