5 Reasons for Choosing Vintage Engagement Rings

Which Era Do You Love?


There are so many wonderful eras to choose from. Do you love the beauty of Art Deco or Edwardian? If you love rose gold, Victorian might be the right choice for you. This stunning Art Deco engagement ring may be the ring of your dreams, with an original old European cut diamond and beautiful filigree and milgrain designs. Browse our rare collection of vintage rings from romantic eras throughout history including Art Deco , Art Nouveau and Retro.



Conflict Free and Eco Friendly

If you want pure beauty, and want to help the environment, vintage engagement rings are completely eco-friendly. There is no digging of the earths surface. This stunning vintage diamond ring is lovely, with an original old European cut diamond flanked by eight natural square sapphires. A beauty, eco-friendly , and conflict free. We do not source any diamonds or precious gems so you can be assured we are conflict free. View our one of a kind collection of conflict free diamonds and vintage Art Deco engagement rings





Master Artisans

The Master Jewelers of yesteryear did not have modern technology. Decades and hundreds of years ago master jewelers sat behind benches and worked for weeks on end creating one of a kind masterpieces. Unfortunately today, jewelry is either casted or computer simulated. You just cannot find the beautiful artistry of history, where they used hand crafted milgrain and filigree workmanship. This stunning vintage sapphire ring features a glittering European cut diamond surrounded by rose cut diamonds and natural square sapphires. A pure work of art!



Unique Engagement Rings

You're unique so you want your engagement ring to be as unique as you are. Vintage engagement rings are the perfect choice, with beautiful mine cut diamonds or semi precious gems such as aquamarines or garnets. With this beautiful Victorian garnet engagement ring, you can be assured that your ring is unique, and you will cherish it for a lifetime.






Hollywood Loves Vintage


 Art Deco and Vintage jewelry has never been the same since the great Barbra Streisand started wearing it in the 1960's. Hollywood has continued this tradition with beautiful antique cocktail rings and beautiful vintage dinner rings. We think the adoring public will love vintage jewelry for years to come! Our collection of Retro and Art Deco diamond rings are always conflict free.