5 Stunning Ethical Engagement Rings

Ethical according to Websters dictionary is "involving questions of right and wrong behavior" or "morally right and good. Receiving an engagement from your partner is truly one of life's greatest moments. Yet couples today want so much more and want to make a difference albeit in a small way but they want to be ethical and eco friendly. One way is by purchasing vintage engagement rings. Vintage and antique engagement rings are conflict free, the antique cut diamonds were produced before any modern conflicts and their isn't any digging up of the earths surface or using under age children to mine diamonds or digging for gold. if we all can contribute in our own way we can make a big difference in this world. Here's 5 stunning antique rings that you will love and can feel great about!



Antique Engagement Rings

You will love and this antique engagement ring from the Victorian era features three semi precious round garnets surrounded by seed pearls and one mine cut diamond residing in a lovely 10 Kt rose gold ring! Our stunning collection of ethical engagement rings features antique rings from the Victorian, Art Deco and Retro era.



Art Deco Engagement Rings

This stunning Art Deco antique engagement ring features a conflict free aquamarine weighing approximately 1.25 carat starring solo in a beautiful 18 Kt white gold filigree engagement ring. Our selection of ethical engagement rings will feature precious gems including sapphires and rubies and semi precious gems such as aquamarines, opals, spinels and garnets.



Antique Diamond Rings

You can feel good and ethical about this stunning antique engagement ring which features a bright white European cut diamond residing in a 1930's 14 Kt white gold geometric square frame comlpemented by two floral filigree embellishments. VintageDiamondRing.com is a socially conscious organization and all our ethical and conflict free diamond rings were produced before any modern conflicts.



Vintage Engagement Rings

VintageDiamonding.com loves vintage cocktail rings and our vintage engagement rings features a semi precious tourmaline surrounded by fourteen round diamond accents residing in a 1980's 14 Kt yellow gold setting. We will never source any precious or semi precious and our collection of ethical gemstone rings are always conflict free.



Vintage Diamond Rings

Vintage diamond rings are eco friendly and this vintage solitaire ring features a bright white European cut diamond weighing .40 carat european cut diamond residing in a 1930's 18 Kt white gold setting completed with a beautiful filigree embellishment.



Art Deco Diamond Rings

Art Deco antique diamonds rings are bold and beautiful. This magnificent Art Deco ring features a glittering .73 carat GIA old European cut diamond residing in a platinum 1930's setting residing in a platinum setting completed with a stunning milgrain design.

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