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There are so many beautiful styles of antique rings from different eras throughout history, however there is one particular type of ring that people do not know much about. It is the Bombe ring. These eye catching and striking antique rings from the Edwardian and Art Deco era can be a wonderful choice for any bride to be for its bold and timeless designs. You've heard the term 'bombe' but what does it really mean and is it a ring style for me?


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is a bombe ring?
  • Edwardian bombe rings
  • Art Deco bombe rings
  • Famous jewelers
  • Right or left hand
  • Is the bombe ring right for me?

    What is a Bombe Ring?

    Bombe rings are domed rings that were produced by jewelers during the 1920's - 1940's and throughout the fantastic 50's and 1960's. Bombé rings comes from the French word and literally means ‘bomb-shaped’, having a rounded, outward curve or curving shape on the front or sides.  The are many wonderful variations to the bombe ring with each era offering its unique style and continues to be popular today. 


    • Edwardian Bombe Rings

    Edwardian bombe rings are distinctive domed rings from the 1920s produced in the "new" metal platinum, usually centered with either European cut or mine cut diamonds and rose cut single cut diamond accents with elaborate filigree work and elegant lace-like patterns.



    • Art Deco Bombe Rings

    Art Deco bombe rings during the Art Deco era will feature bold patterns and sharp lines residing in either platinum or white gold accompanied with filigree and milgrain engravings giving the metalwork of the ring the same individuality as its stones.



    • Famous Jewelers

    Throughout the 1950's and 1960's bombé rings or cocktail rings were a popular form for top jewelers including Tiffany, Harry Winston, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels and Oscar Heyman, set with a large array of smaller diamonds or precious gemstones in wave like or twisting style. 


    • Right or Left hand

    Hollywoods glamour and influence can be seen in bombe rings or cocktail rings during the 1950's and 1960's and is worn on many occasions on either hand and this trend continues today. 


    Is the Bombe Ring Right For Me?

    Each bombe ring was originally designed and expertly handmade by artisans of their time, from the geometric designs of the Art Deco era to the gentle, precise designs of the Edwardian era, using the 'new' metal platinum.

    Bombe rings are unique, the quality and precision are undeniable, and maybe the perfect choice for you. Show your individuality by wearing this time honored ring on either your left or right hand, there aren't any rules. Each bombe or cocktail ring will have a distinct look from its respective era, so you will never find two identical designs.


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    Suzanne Sachs

    Suzanne has always believed vintage rings can change lives. She's been in the jewelry industry for over 35 years, working with vintage jewelers, diamond dealers, diamond cutters, and gemologists. Suzanne started Artdecodiamonds in 2000 and understood the demand for vintage rings throughout the world. She ultimately started VintageDiamondRing.com in 2014, and understands each vintage ring is a reflection of you – your history, your relationships, your style, your elegance and is honored to have the opportunity to help you showcase your flair in a unique and exquisite way.


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