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Unlike past eras where one definitive style defined jewelry fashion, today’s brides-to-be have many outstanding engagement ring options. As engagement ring style trends change, new ring designs emerge, showcasing stunning options for every couple. Check out the top trending engagement rings for women in 2023 for inspiration to find your perfect vintage ring to showcase your style, your love, and your most romantic commitment.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Defining engagement ring trends
  • 8 best engagement ring trends of 2023
  • Solitaire rings
  • Eco-friendly rings
  • Oval diamond rings
  • Gemstone rings
  • Toi et moi rings
  • Three stone rings
  • Stackable bands
  • Retro rings
  • Which engagement ring style is right for you?

    Defining Engagement Ring Trends

    Trends come and go with many influences on what is popular at any given time. For engagement ring trends, the chosen styles of celebrities and royalty often spark similar trends in women’s jewelry. Other influences may come from popular television shows or movies, such as Disney- inspired designs, or stylish shows such as Bridgerton or the upcoming prequel to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon. Special events in history can influence jewelry fashion trends, as can popular artists and even social movements.

    Each of these influences adds unique beauty and style to jewelry, some in very bold and vibrant ways, while other influences can be subtle but equally distinctive. Each trending design offers a meaningful connection between a bride-to-be’s enduring favorites and her engagement ring.



    8 Best Engagement Ring Trends of 2023

    In 2022, there are several hot trends for women’s engagement rings. The most popular, must-have styles include:

    • Solitaire Rings

    The classic diamond solitaire remains the most popular option for women's engagement rings, but in updated ways for 2023. Unique settings, unusual stone shapes, colored golds, and gemstone accents are all ways to update a classically stunning solitaire.


    • Eco-Friendly Rings

    Many modern brides-to-be prefer engagement rings that won’t create scars from mining or other industrial processes, or those that are recycled and have less environmental impact. Heirloom rings, antique rings, and vintage engagement rings are all amazing choices that also show environmental and social responsibility.


    • Oval Diamond Rings

    Thanks to the oval engagement rings of Blake Lively, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande, the oval is the fastest growing trend for engagement diamond shapes, yet is still a classically beautiful statement on a bride-to-be’s finger. Oval proportions can vary, and the stones may be set in a variety of ring styles for more distinction and personalization.


    • Gemstone Rings

    Brides looking for a pop of color are turning to luxurious emerald engagement rings and the stunning green that represents serenity, foresight, and wealth. Emeralds come in a range of shades to suit different skin tones, and can be set in all styles of ring settings. Other colored gemstone rings are also hot trends for colorful brides-to-be.


    • Toi et Moi Rings

    Two stone or “toi et moi” rings are a popular style in 2023. These rings feature two similarly-sized center stones that may both be diamonds, both gemstones, or one of each. With two center stones, there is twice as much opportunity for personalization in stone shape, size, and style, and how the two stones are oriented toward one another.


    • Three Stone Rings

    A classic style resurging in popularity, three stone rings have the romantic symbolism of representing a couple’s past, present, and future. For a trendy update, either the center stone or side stones – or both! – can be gemstones with sentimental meaning, such as birthstones. Another option is for the center stone to be a different, yet coordinated shape to the side stones, such as a center emerald cut stone paired with princess-cut side stones.


    • Stackable Bands

    Several thin bands stacked together can be a gorgeous alternative to a traditional engagement ring, and are a fantastic trend in 2023. The engagement ring may be the start and centerpiece of a stack that will eventually be augmented and expanded with the wedding band, anniversary bands, and other pieces.


    • Retro Rings

    While not quite old enough to qualify as antique or vintage, retro-inspired 1980s rings are becoming more popular with brides-to-be. These styles are typically yellow gold and feature styles such as split shanks, twisted bands, bulky carvings, or halo settings, all with a classic 1980s vibe reminiscent of a mother’s or grandmother’s engagement ring.


    Which Engagement Ring Style Is Right For You?

    While many women will enjoy trendy ring styles, others may prefer more classic, timeless options. Still other women may opt for edgy, trend-setting styles of their very own, choosing unique designs that may very well start a new trend other women will covet. Whatever ring you choose, carefully consider different style options, try on multiple rings to see what looks and feels best on your finger, and choose a ring that will not only be your commitment to that special partner, but that will be your personal style for many happy anniversaries to come.

    Antique Engagement Rings For Everyone:

    No matter which era is your favorite, these time-honored rings have a rich history and individualized character and will continue to have a timeless beauty and elegant appeal that is part of a legacy to pass on to future generations.

    Find The Perfect Engagement Ring:

    Antique diamond cuts are prized not only for their beauty but also for their exquisite attention to detailing and faceting. If you’re looking for a ring with a sense of glamour, sophistication and vintage charm, explore our collection of vintage engagement rings today!


    Suzanne Sachs

    Suzanne has always believed vintage rings can change lives. She's been in the jewelry industry for over 35 years, working with vintage jewelers, diamond dealers, diamond cutters, and gemologists. Suzanne started Artdecodiamonds in 2000 and understood the demand for vintage rings throughout the world. She ultimately started VintageDiamondRing.com in 2014, and understands each vintage ring is a reflection of you – your history, your relationships, your style, your elegance and is honored to have the opportunity to help you showcase your flair in a unique and exquisite way.


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