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Gold is the classic, traditional choice for an engagement ring, but why? What makes this metal so ideal, and what should couples learn about gold to ensure it is a quality choice for that extra special ring?



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • 8 best gold engagement rings
  • What is gold?
  • Gold diamond ring
  • Meaning
  • Gemstone rings in gold
  • Rose gold engagement rings
  • Caring for your gold engagement ring 
  • Choosing gold engagement rings

8 Best Gold Engagement Rings

What is Gold?

Gold is a pure natural metal with the chemical element symbol Au, for the Latin word aurum, meaning gold. When pure and not alloyed with another metal, gold is a bright yellow shade and very soft and malleable, easily twisted, carved, and shaped, making it ideal for intricate designs. Even when gold is combined with other metals to improve its strength, it is still a very workable metal with a warm,lustrous quality perfect for jewelry.



Gold is rated in karats, with 24 karat (k) gold indicating pure, unalloyed metal. Copper, silver, platinum, zinc, and palladium are often mixed with gold to improve its strength, and the proportions of the alloy determine the resulting metal’s karat rating. Gold labeled as 18k is 75 percent gold, with 25 percent other metals. Similarly, 14k gold is 58 percent gold, while 12k gold is just 50 percent pure.

• Gold Diamond Ring

The rich luster of gold adds warmth to diamonds and is a great accompaniment for any type of engagement ring style, from simple classic solitaires to more elaborate bridal sets, wraps, or guards. Gold is easy to match to antique or vintage diamond engagement rings because the karat weight of the gold can match the color with a new wedding ring, creating a cohesive look for beautiful coordination.



• Meaning

Gold is a highly valued metal, often associated with wealth, prestige, and success. The rich yellow hue of the metal is beautiful with both diamonds and gemstones, and is pleasing with all skin tones. Gold has often been associated with royal and religious emblems and uses, giving it even more symbolism and sacred associations ideal for an engagement ring and the intimate promise that ring represents.




• Gemstone Ring

While the clear color of diamonds is easy to match with any precious metal, yellow gold is also an ideal metal to bring out the depth of color in gemstones of all colors, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, amethyst, garnet, and more. When paired with colored gems, yellow gold will bring out the warm hues of the stones or further enhance the contrast with cooler toned gems such as aquamarine or zircon, adding distinctiveness to the piece.


• Rose Gold Engagement Ring

While yellow gold is the most popular type of gold for engagement rings and other jewelry pieces, it isn’t the only option for a couple that wants a classic gold ring but with a more colorful, unique twist. Depending on the alloy – which metal or metals are combined with gold and in what proportions – as well as what possible plating techniques may be used, gold can be blended in a variety of different shades. Rose and pink gold, for example, have distinctive reddish tones, while sage gold has a green hue. Chocolate gold is brownish, and gold is also available in black, blue, and other colors.

It is important to note that more boldly colored golds will generally be less pure gold, and may have plating or other surface treatments to intensify the color. This can make an engagement ring more difficult to care for, as the color may eventually wear off or discolor. Yellow gold, because it is the metal’s natural color, will not noticeably change color, while white gold will often develop a fine patina but without dramatic color changes.


• Caring For Your Gold Engagement Ring

Engagement ring care typically focuses on protecting the gemstone and ensuring it retains its sparkle, quality, and value, but the metal of the ring also requires proper care. Over time, gold can become tarnished or dull, or may be dented or scratched, especially with daily wear. Good care, however, will keep the gold looking just as rich and lustrous as it was on the day the marriage proposal was first made.


To clean gold, a gentle professional jewelry cleaner can be used, or a simple cleaning solution of warm (not hot) water and a few drops of a gentle, degreasing dish soap will work well. Soak the ring for 2-3 hours to thoroughly loosen and remove all dust, debris, and oil buildup, and use a very soft, lint-free cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean a more intricate ring and around the ring’s setting. Rinse the ring thoroughly in warm, clean water, and dry it with a soft cloth to remove as much water as possible. If the ring stays wet, water spots may be visible or it may tarnish slightly as it dries. After drying the ring with a soft cloth allow it to further air dry for several hours or overnight. Do not use harsh cleansers with a gold engagement ring, and especially do not use chlorine, which can discolor gold or even erode gold finishes completely.



To keep the ring always looking its best, store it separately from other jewelry when it is not being worn. This will protect the gold from accidental scratches or nicks from the sharp edges of other jewelry pieces. As with any piece of jewelry, it is also wise to have the ring inspected once or twice a year for any damage, loose stones, or other issues that can be corrected more easily when first noticed, before greater problems arise that may be more difficult to fix.



Choosing a Gold Engagement Ring

Gold engagement rings are beautiful and classic, but with plenty of room for individual expression and personalization. By better understanding the metal, including different alloys, gold colors, and appropriate care, couples can choose the best gold engagement ring for their preferences and style, ensuring it is a piece that will be cherished for many happy anniversaries. 



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