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by Suzanne Sachs 5 min read

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A women’s engagement ring is much, much more than just a piece of jewelry. It is also a connection to her beloved, a representation of her commitment, and a showcase of her style. This very special ring should get the very best of care so it will always look its best, both before and after the wedding.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Do you know your engagement ring
  • Caring for your engagement ring
  • The importance of inspections
  • Appraisals
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning options
  • Storage
  • Sizing
  • Protecting your engagement ring

Do You Know Your Engagement Ring

There are many types of care a women’s engagement ring should have to keep it in top condition and ensure it looks brilliant, not just for the proposal and wedding, but for many years of frequent wear after the big day. By thoroughly caring for the ring in all aspects, however, it will not only look fantastic, but will retain its value and be suitable as a future heirloom.


Caring For Your Engagement Ring

• The Importance of Inspections

Every women’s engagement ring should be inspected at least annually, and possibly more frequently if it is worn daily or under potentially rough conditions. Furthermore, check with the jeweler to see if more frequent inspections are necessary to maintain a warranty. Planning to have the ring inspected before each anniversary is a convenient way to remember this necessary task.

During the inspection, not only should the ring’s stone or stones be carefully checked, but also the setting, prongs, and band. Any tiny problems, such as a bent prong or hairline crack in the band, can be detected early with thorough inspections, before stones may be lost or the ring irreparably damaged.


• Appraisals

Each engagement ring should have an independent appraisal to establish its value for insurance purposes, and to ensure an antique, vintage, or heirloom ring is appropriately valued. The appraisal should be repeated every 5-10 years as the value of jewelry can change over time, and it is important to have updated paperwork in case of loss or theft. All paperwork, including the ring’s original purchase receipt and certification details, as well as appraisals and notes on repair work, should always be kept in a safe place to be easily found if needed.


• Insurance

Insuring a women’s engagement ring is something many couples overlook, particularly before the wedding when they may not have insurance policies covering their belongings. An engagement ring, however, may cost thousands of dollars, and its sentimental value is priceless. Having an accurate appraisal and the ring’s original receipt on hand will help a couple secure a suitable insurance policy to cover the ring if it is stolen or lost. Depending on the policy, some types of damage may also be covered, if it happens due to an event related to an insurance claim, such as a fire. Always read policies carefully and discuss specific needs with the insurance agent to be sure the ring is adequately protected.


Cleaning Options

  • An engagement ring should be cleaned regularly to keep it free of dust, dirt, oils, and other debris that can cloud the stone and diminish its brilliance and sparkle.
  • The cleaning method will vary depending on the ring’s metal and which stones it has, but in general it is best to never use any strong chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or sharp implements to clean an engagement ring.
  • Soaking in warm water with a mild degreasing soap is best, and gently polishing the ring with a lint-free cloth will keep it looking stunning.


• Storage

A women’s engagement ring should be safely stored when it isn’t being worn. Ideally, the ring should be removed whenever it could be at risk for damage or excessive dirtiness, such as when a woman may be working with chemicals, getting into baking or greasy mixing in the kitchen, gardening, or participating in contact sports where there is a risk of knocks or bangs that could damage the ring. Similarly, the ring should be removed when it might be lost, such as while swimming, and it may be wise to leave a very expensive engagement ring at home when traveling or when theft might be a concern.

When the ring isn’t worn, it should be stored separate from other jewelry so it won’t be accidentally scratched or inadvertently scratch other pieces. Storing the ring in its original box or a small, lint-free bag is a great choice, or in a separate compartment in a jewelry case. For quick options around the house, small ring dishes – ideally with shafts to hold the ring securely – should be placed near the bathroom and kitchen sinks, at the bedside, and wherever else the ring might need to be temporarily removed.


• Sizing

If possible, an engagement ring should be purchased at the proper size, but that may not always be practical if the ring is a surprise or if it is a vintage or antique piece that cannot be chosen in different sizes. Resizing the ring should only be done by an experienced professional, particularly if the band has detailed metalwork or inset stones that must be handled carefully to preserve its appearance. Over time, the ring may need to be resized again so it always fits comfortably, without being so loose that it may be accidentally lost or so tight that it is a struggle to remove.


Protecting Your Engagement Ring

It may seem that a women’s engagement ring requires extensive care, but when properly managed, it doesn’t take much effort to keep a ring always looking as beautiful as it was on the day she received it. A ring without proper care will eventually become dull and dingy and could become damaged. Stones, especially smaller accent stones or pave settings, could be lost, and intricate details in metalwork can be smudged and obscured. If the ring isn’t cared for regularly, it may become much more challenging to repair if major damage occurs, and the ring may lose value due to chips, cracks, or fractures in the diamond or gemstones.

Caring for a woman’s engagement ring is an easy way to keep the ring just as stunning as the love it represents, for as long as the vow that ring makes remains intact.


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