A Definitive Guide to the Emerald Cut Diamond Ring (2023)

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by Suzanne Sachs  5 min read

Emerald Cut diamond engagement ring


With its classic grace and understated elegance, an emerald cut diamond is the perfect choice for a sophisticated engagement ring. Understanding what an emerald cut is, along with its history and symbolism can help you decide if it is the best diamond shape to represent your relationship and the romance of your journey together.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is an emerald cut diamond?
  • Emerald cut history
  • About the emerald cut diamond
  • Emerald cut shape
  • Clarity
  • Cost
  • Meaning and symbolism
  • Religious symbolism
  • Numeric symbolism
  • Celebrity symbolism
  • Popularity
  • Choosing an emerald cut diamond ring that is right for me

    What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

    The emerald cut diamond is a rectangular cut diamond with 49 facets,  slightly cropped corners, and an internal step appearance.  Simply put, the emerald cut is a step cut diamond with linear facets and parallel lines which adds a beautiful elegance drawing one's eye into the heart of the diamond.  It has exceptional clarity.  The larger table will make the stone seem larger than it actually is.  Emerald cut diamonds showcase traditional elegance while representing openness, clarity, and refinement with their deep steps and internal views.



    • Emerald Cut History

    The emerald cut diamond first appeared during the 1500's, yet saw a rise in popularity during the Art Deco era of the 1920's and 1930's.  However, during the 1970's the emerald cut diamond also reached another apex and the clean lines appeared in mid-century modern engagement rings.

    emerald cut diamond ring

    About The Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

    • Emerald Cut Shape

    The length-to-width ratio of the emerald cut diamond has a large range, however a 1.40 to 1.50 mm range (with the stone twice as long as it is wide) is considered optimal.  It can also either appear to be more square or more rectangular.  The overall dimensions are largely a matter of personal preference, but the table should always be larger, anywhere from 65% to 72%.  Emerald cut diamonds depth percentage is also an important characteristic in its look, with a depth of 60% to 69 %.  An emerald cut with a depth of over 70 % is usually too heavy and will appear smaller than the actual carat weight.


    • Clarity

    Since an emerald cut diamond has 49 facets with a very large table, the clarity becomes very important to be aware of since your eye is drawn into the center. We recommend a VVS or VS clarity, but you may find a rare SI1 clarity where the slight imperfection will be hidden to the naked eye, appearing eye clean.

    • Cost 

    For emerald cut diamonds weighing 1.50 carat and less, the market today will definitely dictate a lower price tag than a classic round brilliant diamond, or the "trendy" oval cut.  In actuality, now would be the perfect time to look for an emerald cut diamond.  Emerald cut diamonds will always be elegant, classic and timeless.

    vintage emerald cut diamond

     Meaning and Symbolism

    • Religious Symbolism

    The number four has a symbolic significance in all major religions, and the rectangular shape of an emerald cut can connect to them all.  From the four Gospels of Christianity, and the four Holy Books of Islam to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and the Four Stages of Life in Hinduism.  


    • Numeric Symbolism

    The emerald cut diamond has a numeric symbolism related to the number four.  There are four sides of a rectangle, which connects to the four seasons, four cardinal directors of the compass, and the four phases of the moon.  Any of these numerical connections can be a lovely symbolism for a couple to share.  

    • Celebrity Symbolism

    For those who love the glamour of Hollywood past and present, you can enjoy an emerald cut diamond knowing it is a favorite of many celebrities.  This style has adorned the fingers of top names including Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.


    • Popularity

    A recent survey taken by Ringspo.com shows that 2.8% of the population wear an emerald cut diamond engagement ring. The two most popular diamond shapes are the round brilliant cut followed by the princess cut diamond.


    Choosing an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring That is Right For Me

    It comes as no surprise that the classic less stated appearance of the emerald cut diamond is a stunning, and popular, choice for anyone choosing their engagement ring.  An emerald cut diamond is magnificent as a solitaire, in a three-stone ring, or paired with side stones and accents for added elegance.  Because the emerald cut has clean, symmetrical lines, a series of these stones can also make a gorgeous wedding band.  You may wear an emerald cut diamond for its beauty and grace or simply love its symbolism.  Whatever the reason, you will feel sophisticated and elegant wearing an emerald cut diamond for your happily ever after.

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