Anita Pallenberg: How We Dress and Wear Jewelry

Anita Pallenberg passing away must be noted as the partner of Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones. Yet, there was much more to Ms. Pallenberg than Mr. Richards partner. As #Vanessa Friedman wrote in her NY Times article, "she was something of a lifestyle catalyst for the Stones." More than that, Ms. Pallenberg helped to create the "Boho" look. With her great look, she wore fantastic Boho cocktail rings, statement rings and told her generation that it was ok to wear funky jewelry. It didn't matter if jewelry consisted of an oversized ring from the Retro era, or an alternative ring from the 1970's. She was just telling us that it's ok to be yourself and have that glam look! Here are 5 vintage rings we think Ms. Pallenberg would love!

Antique Engagement Ring

Ms. Pallenberg loved big, chic and funky. This antique engagement ring would have been the perfect fit for her. It features a cool blue 1.75 carat aquamarine, flanked by 14 single cut diamond accents, all residing in a 1940's 18 kt rosy yellow gold setting. Retro engagement rings were known for their big, bold designs in rose and rosy yellow gold.

Retro Engagement Ring

Ms. Pallenberg would have loved wearing this funky Retro engagement ring with Mr. Richards! This stunning statement ring features 10 glittering mine cut diamonds, weighing 2.50 carat, residing in an 18 kt rose gold ring.

Gemstone Engagement Ring

This beautiful vintage cocktail ring features a deep purple 2.50 carat tourmaline, surrounded by 14 round cut diamonds. These stones are set in an estate 14 kt yellow gold setting, circa 1980's. This would have been perfect for any after party that the stones had. Perfect for a night out!

Antique Sapphire Ring

Ms. Pallenberg loved big and beautiful and this sapphire engagement ring features a 1.00 ct Burma sapphire flanked by four mine cut diamond residing in a platinum setting circa 1920's. This would have been perfect for any after party that the stones had. Perfect for a night out!

Victorian engagement ring

Victorian engagement rings are very cool, and funky. We think Anita would have loved this stunning Victorian engagement ring. This late 1800's ring features a deep purple tourmaline, surrounded by 6 seed pearls, all residing in a 14 kt rose gold setting.

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