Antique Bombe Rings

There are so many beautiful antique rings from different eras throughout history, including the Retro and Victorian eras. However, there is one beautiful type of antique engagement ring that people do not know much about. It is the is the Bombe ring. Bombe rings are domed rings that were produced by master jewelers during the 1920's - 1940's. The style is still continued on today! These elegant rings from yesteryear were usually made in platinum and white gold, adorned with a beautiful mine cut, or european cut diamond, and finished with single cut diamonds and beautiful milgrain embellishments. We love the versatility these rings give to women who may want to wear a bombe ring on either hand. There are no rules! It's just a beautiful antique ring. Here are four stunning bombe rings you will love!

Bombe Ring Circa 1930's

Antique Bombe rings are simply domed rings from the 1920s and 1930's. This sweet antique diamond ring features a .59 carat european cut diamond, accompanied by a GIA diamond report. This diamond is surrounded by 14 european cut diamond accents, all residing in platinum. Bombe rings are just so versatile, wear them on either hand!

Antique Bombe Ring

This stunning estate bombe ring may be worn on either hand. It features three transitional cut diamonds, residing in a geometric square frame, surrounded by 22 single cut diamond accents. This ring was crafted in gleaming platinum, circa 1930's.

Vintage Bombe Rings

This Vintage diamond ring features a beautiful european cut diamond weighing approximately .55 carat. This diamond is flanked by 22 single cut diamond accents, all residing in a 14 kt white gold setting circa 1930's.

Bombe Ring Circa 1920's

This antique engagement ring is simply stunning. It has a wonderful domed look, featuring a .25 carat old european cut diamond. This diamond resides in a geometric hexagonal frame, surrounded by eight single cut diamond accents, all residing in a platinum setting circa 1920's. This ring is with milgrain engravings. A beautiful ring!