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March is a month of water, with snow and ice melting and spring rains beginning. There is no better gemstone to represent the beauty of that water and the freshness of the season than aquamarine, the official birthstone of March.                                                       




• Aquamarine Physical Characteristics

Aquamarine is a light blue or blue-green shade of beryl, a common crystalline mineral. Aluminum, iron and silicon are part of the stone's crystal structure and give it the distinctive color. The overall color intensity can vary based on the proportions of different minerals in the crystal structure as well as any heat exposure or irradiation, and darker, richer shades are both rarer and more highly valued.


• Aquamarine Inclusions

While this stone is often naturally flawless, there are occasional cat's eye or star-like inclusions. Because these inclusions are so rare and unique, rather than devaluing the stones, aquamarines with these inclusions can be even more valuable and collectible. 


• Aquamarine Mines

This gem is widespread and readily available at any mine where different forms of beryl, including emeralds, are produced. Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Pakistan and Vietnam all have productive mines that include aquamarine, and in the United States, these stones are mined in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, North Carolina and Maine.


• Aquamarine Structure 

This stone's hexagonal structure helps it easily form large crystals, which can then be cut into impressive gemstones. This makes it ideal as statement jewelry pieces featuring a large central gem, including rings, pendants and other types of jewelry.


Art Deco aquamarine ring

Aquamarine Symbolism and Stone Meanings

With this gem's pale, watery hue, it is no surprise that aquamarine is associated with the tranquility of the sea and has long been used as a protective talisman for sailors or anyone traveling on the ocean. There are other symbolic aspects to this stone, however, and aquamarine is also often used to aid meditation and seeking harmony, peace and level-headedness. Because of this, the stone is also often used to help promote a cooler temper and increase harmony and trust.


• Aquamarine Spiritual Properties

Aquamarine has a number of associations with health as well as its other mental and spiritual properties. Some beliefs consider the stone able to serve as an antidote to poisons, as well as promote eye health and clarity of vision. It is also believed to help with public speaking and to encourage better word choice for clarity of communication. When shared between a couple, aquamarine stones are intended to foster a long unity of love, ideal for romantic relationships. Because of this, aquamarine is a symbolic gemstone for celebrating the nineteenth wedding anniversary, as well as an alternative selection for the eighteenth anniversary.


• Aquamarine Rings and Jewelry

These stunning stones have been used in jewelry and ornamentation for millennia. Aquamarines were popular with ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks and Romans, often as part of warrior jewelry to provide protection in battle or on ships. The stones were incorporated into pendants, breastplates and the hilts of swords and daggers. 

Because the stones often show flawless clarity and can be cut into large and impressive solitaires, they make beautiful rings, and have been popular in Art Deco rings and other period pieces. Since these stones can be very impressive by themselves, they are often set alone in a variety of metals or may be accented with diamonds to increase their sparkle, though they are rarely found paired with other gemstones.




Art Deco Aquamarine ring



• Other March Birthstones

While aquamarine is an amazing and beautiful gemstone, it may not be right for everyone celebrating a March birthday or special occasion. Fortunately, bloodstone with its deeper green hues and contrasting red flecks, is an alternative birthstone for the month. Depending on the Zodiac sign, planetary association or spiritual beliefs, other stones often associated with March include jade, sapphire, diamond, amethyst, jasper and  opal. 


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