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by Suzanne Sachs  5 min read

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring


Every couple has to carefully consider their budget for an engagement ring. Understanding just what to expect at the price point you prefer is essential so you can shop smartly and with confidence that you are getting an excellent value for the money you spend. While there is no maximum or minimum amount ideal for every couple, it is important to be familiar with what your budget can look like as you study different engagement ring styles. If your budget is generous enough for a five-figure engagement ring, what does a $10,000 engagement ring look like?



Average Engagement Ring Cost

The average cost of an engagement ring can vary widely depending on who you ask, where you shop, and the local economy of where you live. Engagement rings in high-profile urban areas like California and New York, for example, are often far more expensive than those in more rural locations. Customized, one-of-a-kind rings can be much pricier than basic styles, and brand new rings are often higher priced than similar antique or vintage engagement rings. Overall, however, the average cost of an engagement ring in the United States is $5,000-$6,000. No couple should ever feel pressured to match or exceed an average budget cost, however, and you should spend what you and your significant other are most comfortable spending on this important purchase.


A $10,000 Engagement Ring

•  Stone 

With a $10,000 budget, you can easily afford a classic diamond engagement ring or any gemstone ring you may prefer. You could even opt for a ring that includes both types of stones for extra personalization and customized flair.


•  Metal 

Gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings of any budget. You might also consider a platinum ring for its added durability and lustrous sheen, or titanium can be a unique and creative choice. Mixed metals can also be stunning choices.


  Stone Size

Your generous budget will allow you to choose a diamond or gemstone in a larger size if you prefer, even one full carat or higher, without sacrificing the stone’s quality. You could also opt for a more elaborate ring that has up to 2-3 carats of total gemstone weight.


•  Stone Shape 

Classic round stones are the most popular engagement ring option in any budget, but with greater spending flexibility you can opt for more unusual or signature shapes, such as a dramatic princess or Asscher stone, or unusual vintage cuts such as a rose or old European cut.


•  Stone Color

With a higher budget you can easily choose a stone with a higher quality color grade, such as a colorless (D, E, F) diamond or a richly toned gemstone with superior undertones. Fancy colored diamonds, such as yellow and pink, are also in this price range.


  Stone Clarity 

A $10,000 budget can easily purchase a flawless or nearly flawless stone without visible inclusions or imperfections. This will make the engagement ring more dramatic and eye- catching, without any disruption to its natural beauty.


  Stone Cut 

The cut of an expensive stone will be well-proportioned, maximizing facets and sparkle without any shadowy effects or misaligned edges. Whether a diamond or any other gemstone, it should be well-shaped and symmetrical.


  Ring Style

No style is out of your reach with a $10,000 budget, from a dramatic solitaire to an elaborate pave setting to a three-stone ring to any type of intricate design, such as Victorian engagement rings, Art Deco pieces, or engagement rings from well-known designers.


•  Ring Condition

If you choose a vintage or antique engagement ring with your budget, you should be getting a well-documented piece that has been perfectly cared for throughout its lifespan. The setting should not be worn and the ring will look brilliant no matter its age.


Can You Afford a $10,000 Engagement Ring?

If you’re planning a $10,000 budget for your engagement ring, carefully take your other expenses – including wedding plans – into account as you shop Also be aware of the costs of maintaining and caring for an expensive ring, such as specialized cleanings, extra insurance to protect the ring, and the possibility of repairs or resizing over the years.

Only you can decide on your budget for an engagement ring, and if your budget is a generous one, you have many options for finding a glorious ring to celebrate your relationship. As you only hope to buy one engagement ring to represent the love of a lifetime, it can be well worth a higher budget to truly find the ring that means so much to you both.


Vintage Engagement Rings For Everyone:

No matter which gemstone is your favorite, these time-honored gemstones have a rich history and individualized character and will continue to have a timeless beauty and elegant appeal that is part of a legacy to pass on to future generations.

Find The Perfect Engagement Ring:

Vintage rings are prized not only for their beauty but also for their exquisite attention to detailing and design. If you’re looking for a ring with a sense of glamour, sophistication and vintage charm, explore our collection of vintage engagement rings today!

Suzanne Sachs

Suzanne has always believed vintage rings can change lives. She's been in the jewelry industry for over 35 years, working with vintage jewelers, diamond dealers, diamond cutters, and gemologists. Suzanne started Artdecodiamonds in 2000 and understood the demand for vintage rings throughout the world. Suzanne ultimately started in 2014, and understands each vintage ring is a reflection of you – your history, your relationships, your style, your elegance and is honored to have the opportunity to help you showcase your flair in a unique and exquisite way!


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