Celebrity Engagement Rings!

Milla Jovovic and Paul Anderson got married in 2009 and we must say that their engagement ring still astounds us! It is a stunning 19th century vintage ring, mixing fancy yellow diamonds together with a bright white diamond, the whole in a beautiful filigree ring:


The Jovovich stunner itself!


On that note, it looks to us that long antique engagement rings and antique navette dinner rings are back. While we’ve all known for years that stars like Barbra Streisand have antique jewelry, we now find the likes of Natalie Portman and Jessica Biel – just to name a few – joining the mix as well.


Natalie Portman's green engagement ring, with antique diamond, recycled platinum and conflict-free mine accenting stones.


We see Hollywood wearing antique engagement rings and, to be honest, we think we know why. Antique and Art Deco filigree workmanship is second to none and our hollywood stars want to be different. In addition to looking great with a vintage ring, you’re being green and conscious of the environment by not reusing recycled gold. Obviously, when celebs start wearing something the public follows quickly behind, so these kind of rings have been in high demand over the past few years.




Our very own 1920's beauty!


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