Conflict Free and Recycled Gold Engagement Rings



Antique Engagement Rings are Always Conflict Free

Antique engagement rings were designed by master artisans decades, even centuries ago, during the wonderful eras such as the many moods of Victorian, the lavish Art Deco, the beautiful craftsmanship of Edwardian, the stunning styles of retro, and of course the fabulous fifties. All of the mine cut diamonds, old European cut diamonds, and rose cut diamonds were produced before any of the wars that are troubling us today. You can be assured that all of our antique engagement rings and Art Deco diamond rings were produced before these wars and are conflict free .




Recycled Gold

It is wonderful that many jewelry stores and jewelry sites are using recycled gold , but can we be proof positive? When we purchase vintage engagement rings, and estate diamond rings, we are not using any new gold and you can be assured that you are being green! This means no redigging of the earths surface, not using underage children, and not polluting the waters of our lovely earth.



Antique Engagement Rings and the Kimberly Process

We love diamonds, specifically antique diamonds. All antique jewelers are compliant with the Kimberly process, but our goal is to offer you a wonderful selection of art deco engagement rings and vintage diamond rings, and you can be assured that your purchase will be conflict free. We guarantee that all of our vintage diamonds and antique engagement rings have been produced before any wars, they are ethical and conflict free.

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