Gemstone Myths


Aquamarines are a fine standing member of the beryll family and are known for their beautiful blue hues. Legend has it that the aquamarine can alleviate your fears and rid depression. The Aquamarine is the king of spirits on the water and will help cure many ailments.


Amethysts are a beautiful, and very popular, member of the Quartz family. They are known for their beautiful purple color. Amethysts have been known to increase mental clarity and vision. Their legend states that it introduces calm and stability


The citrine is a beautiful yellow or golden color, and is a member of the Quartz family of gemstones. Legend explains to us that citrines will help cure many different type of ailments in your system, and will promote energy and vision


The Emerald has been a favorite gemstone for centuries, and is an outstanding member of the beryll family. The Emerald's legend tells us that when someone wears an emerald they will have the power of helping vision. The person who wears an emerald is rich and powerful.



The Garnet is actually a combination of many different minerals, and it comes in many different colors. Red, however, is a favorite of many, especially during the Victorian era. We always wish garnet a big happy birthday in January, and this wonderful gems legend is motivation. 


Moonstone is just a fantastic, very sought after gemstone today. It is a member of the feldspar family and will range in colors from white to blue. Moonstone is a gem of life and fertility.


Opal is another beautiful semi precious gemstone with its color ranging from white , to black and fire opal. Fire has many different colors ranging in it. The Opal's legend is one of thinking and creativity.


This beautiful, green semiprecious gemstone became very popular during the Victorian era. It is a combination of minerals including chrysolite. Peridots birthday will be in August and it's legend was to ward off evil spirits and to the wearer of peridot to bring good health.


This gemstone is a fine standing member of the conundrum family and is known for its red color. Rubies come from different mines, but are well known for their pigeon blood red color from the famous Burma mine or Burmese ruby . Non heated, and non treated, Burma rubies are extremely coveted and were very popular during the art deco era and mid centuries. Rubies legend was one of power and good health.


Sapphires are beautiful gemstones and are fine standing members of the conundrum family. They are known for the great mines Kashmir and Burma. We celebrate sapphires birthday in September and their legend is one of mental health and clarity. Sapphires with no heat treatment from the Burma and Kashmir mines are highly coveted. Sapphires were celebrated in the Art Deco era and the mid centuries 1960's and 1970's


Spinel is known for many colors, especially red and blue. The Spinel was very popular in the 1920's and the Art Deco era. Spinels legend is one of mental clarity and energy. When a person wears spinel, it is known to ward off evil spirits.


The topaz is part of the silicate family, and comes in many colors, but is known best for its smokey brown color. It was very popular during the Art Deco era, and still is today. We wish topaz a happy birthday in November and it's legend is one of truth and loyalty.


Tourmaline is made up of many minerals, including silicate,and is known for its colors purple and pink colors. Tourmalines legend is one of honesty and immortality. It was produced in many different eras of history and continues to be popular today. 


Turquoise has been a wonderful semiprecious gemstones throughout many different eras in history, including the art deco era. Turquoise is an aluminum sulfate and its legend is one of calm and peace. It is known for its blue and bluish green color



The zircon is a favorite of many, and is part of the silicate family. This wonderful semi precious gemstone is featured in beautiful antique jewelry from the Art Deco era. Zircon comes in many colors, but is mostly known for its blue color. Zircons legend is one of healing.

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