Let's wish the wonderful semi precious gemstone, garnet, a happy birthday! This beautiful semi precious gemstone's birthday is every January. This beautiful gemstone's legend is one of intensity, passion and bravery. Its color is beautiful shades of red, and women throughout the world adore this semi precious gemstone. Garnets are known for their beautiful red, purple color, but blue is the rarest of colors. The durability of garnet on the Mohs scale of hardness is 7 so it is very durable. Let's wish garnet a happy birthday by looking at four beautiful garnets you will adore!


This stunning antique garnet engagement ring features four deep magento garnets weighing approximately 2.00 carat. These garnets are flanked by two seed pearls, all residing in an 18 kt yellow gold setting circa early 1900's. Fun Fact: garnet engagement rings were produced from the years 1895-1910. Dragon flies, beautiful birds, flowers and free flowing lines are typical of this timeless jewelry period.

Antique Garnet Engagement Ring

Two is always better than one, and this antique garnet ring features two deep red round cut natural garnets weighing approximately .50 carat. These garnets are surrounded by four antique rose cut diamond accents, residing in a 14 kt rose gold Victorian engagement ring . Garnets in rose gold are timeless and one of a kind works of art.


Victorian Garnet Ring

Three is always better than two, and this vintage engagement ring features three natural deep magento round cut garnets weighing approximately weighing .30 carats. These garnets are flanked by a mine cut diamond and 6 seed pearls, all residing in a 10 kt rose gold setting. Explore our selection of vintage garnet engagement rings from eras including Victorian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

Antique Garnet Ring


This stunning vintage engagement ring features a natural deep red garnet weighing approximately .50 carat. It is flanked by 2 single cut diamond accents residing in a gleaming 14 Kt rose gold Victorian setting. Our collection of semi precious gemstones is never sourced. Our vintage garnet rings reside in metals including gleaming rose gold and yellow gold.

Vintage Engagement Ring