History of Diamond Earrings for Women


Diamond earrings are amazing adornments that can range from a small bit of sparkle to elaborate chandelier designs. Antique and vintage earrings, in particular, can showcase generations of glamour, but just how far back does the history go.


About Earrings

Earrings are a personal adornment attached to a person’s ear with a piercing, hook, or clip. Earrings are most commonly attached to the lower lobe of the ear, but can be attached to any part of the ear, including the upper cartilage or the small inner lobe, the tragus. The sizes, styles, and designs of earrings vary tremendously, and are often changed based on personal preferences, occasions, and fashion choices. Earrings can be made from many materials, including different metals, gemstones, and even wood, feathers, or plastic.

What You Need To Know--

•  The Earliest Earrings

Earring are one of the oldest known forms of body modification, and different cultures have historic documentation and archeological evidence of earrings worn as early as 2600 BC. Earrings are regularly found in the fashion and accessories of ancient Sumer, Crete, Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Asia, and many other geographic regions and cultures.

Different cultures have given different meanings to earrings at different points in their histories. Earrings may designate religious affiliation or authority, individual status, family lineage, general wealth, or even specific associations such as slavery, piracy, or certain craftsmen. Both men and women have worn earrings at different points throughout history, and who wears earrings for what reason has varied throughout the ages.




• Earring Trends Throughout History

Simple earrings were most popular further back in history, with simple pearl stud earrings most popular throughout the 1500s. When fashion became more prominent in the 1600s, earrings began to fall in and out of favor with different fashion trends. These trends often coincided with women’s fashions, such as
head coverings, bonnets, and elaborate hairstyles that would often hide the ears (no earrings) or more upswept hairstyles and lower necklines (more earrings). By the 1700s, gemstone earrings, particularly diamonds, were especially popular. In the 1800s, wearing an earring in just one ear was more popular, but by the early 1900s pairs of earrings were becoming more elaborate and fashionable among
wealthier classes.




Earrings in the Mid-20th Century

It wasn’t until the mid-20 th century that earrings became more affordable and widespread outside of the upper class and wealthy fashionistas. In the 1950s, earrings were more affordable and accessible, and they became very popular in teen girls’ fashion. In the 1960s, earrings often became associated with
counterculture, particularly the advancement of the LGBT community, and earrings worn in a particular way or in a particular ear often had hidden connotations. In the 1970s and 1980s, earrings became popular with the punk scene, and the trend of wearing multiple earrings in one ear became even more widespread.

Today’s Diamond Earrings

With such a widespread history and many evolutions in fashion, trends, and styles over the centuries, it’s no surprise that today’s earrings have just as much variation. Earrings can complement any other jewelry choice, and are often chosen not just to complete an ensemble, but also to coordinate with face and neck shape for the most flattering adornments.

Earrings are available in many materials and with many different metals and gemstones. All styles – studs and solitaires, channel-set designs, drops, chandeliers, strings, figures, etc. – are available, and can be personalized for anyone’s individual flair. Solitaire or stud diamond earrings or romantic pearl studs are classic and elegant choices that can be worn for many occasions, while more elaborate designs with fanciful shapes and themes offer a stunning way to express one’s personality. Hoops, strings, wraps, and other designs are always evolving, giving everyone more opportunities to choose earrings that truly match their style. No matter what types of earrings you prefer, you can find beautiful options to add a bit of sparkle and beauty to your jewelry.

Antique Jewelry For Everyone:

No matter which era is your favorite, these time-honored pieces have a rich history and individualized character and will continue to have a timeless beauty and elegant appeal that is part of a legacy to pass on to future generations.

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