How Can I Tell If My Vintage Engagement Ring is Authentic!

We love when customers ask questions. The most popular question we receive is, "How can I tell if my vintage engagement ring is actually decades old, and a true antique?" Well we're here to answer all of your questions, and give you a few sure fire tips to help when purchasing an vintage or antique ring to make sure you are purchasing a true vintage engagement ring.


Art Deco Engagement Ring

All Art Deco diamond rings will have an old European cut, transitional cut, rose cut or mine cut diamond as the focal point of their engagement ring. That is the first indication that the ring is old, or antique. Some antique rings may have antique asscher cuts or antique cushion cut diamonds also.



Decades ago, master jewelers used handcrafting for engagement rings, using milgrain, latticework, open work and filigree embellishments. If you have a 10 power loupe, look at the design and you may notice a little wear or tear. If you see some wear or tear on the antique engagement ring , that's another indication it is authentic.


Accent Side Diamonds and Gemstones

Master jewelers used accent diamonds and gemstones as well. These included single cuts, small mine cuts, European cuts, transitional cuts, gemstones and beautiful rose cuts diamonds to help complement the center diamond. Accent diamonds were used to compliment a gemstone as well, such as a sapphire, ruby or semi precious gemstones such as aquamarines and zircons. If you see modern brilliant cuts as an accent diamond, then that's a good indication that it may be a new ring and not a vintage engagement ring .


The Polish and Finish

A Victorian engagement ring with our favorite rose gold color, or any metal for that matter, is over 100 years old. It will not have a bright polish, or finish, to it. It will have an antique worn look, which takes decades to achieve.


Look at the websites inventory

The first thing I do when I shop for anything, is to look at the store, or website's, inventory. When a website has a full inventory of antique diamond rings , or vintage diamond rings , there is a good indication that you can trust their knowledge, opinion and inventory.


How long have they been in business

When a site, or store, has been in the industry for over twenty, or thirty years, this is also a good sign that they will understand what constitutes an Art Deco engagement ring .


Ask the jeweler or website

Just ask the website if the vintage diamond ring is old, and to please guarantee that on a bill of sale.