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by Suzanne Sachs  5 min read


A wedding ring – or a matching pair of wedding rings – is one of the most significant and meaningful pieces of jewelry you will ever buy in your life. It can be overwhelming to purchase this one small circlet of metal that will represent so very much, but by carefully following these five thoughtful steps, you can be sure your wedding ring will be a stunning piece you will love more with each happy anniversary.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Step 1 : Do You Need a Wedding Ring?
  • Step 2: To Match or Not to Match
  • Step 3: Consider the Budget
  • Step 4: Trying Styles with Your Engagement rings
  • Step 5: Protecting Your Purchase
  • Choosing a Wedding Ring That is Right For Me

Step 1: Do You Need a Wedding Ring?

Before rushing to buy a wedding ring, consider whether or not you want or need one. While a wedding ring is a very common piece of jewelry and one that is traditionally expected, more and more couples are reconsidering whether or not this piece of jewelry is right for them.

This is especially true if the engagement ring may be very elaborate or distinctive, in which case the engagement ring may actually double as a wedding ring so a new piece of jewelry does not compromise or overwhelm the first ring. Choosing not to have a wedding ring may also be the best option for couples who may not be able to wear rings consistently due to their work or careers, health issues, or other considerations.

At the same time, if you prefer not to wear a wedding ring, consider that decision very carefully. While you can always purchase a wedding ring later if you change your mind, not having the ring on your wedding day may be a memory you later come to regret or wish you had done differently.


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Step 2: To Match or Not to Match

]If you do decide to buy a wedding ring, there are two types of matching to consider. Should the wedding ring match the engagement ring, and should the bride and groom have wedding rings that match each other?


Matching an engagement ring can be tricky, especially if the wedding ring is purchased separately. A very elaborate engagement ring may be challenging to fit properly to a wedding ring, especially an antique or vintage engagement ring with elaborate details. Some couples consider a bridal set or wedding set that includes a coordinated pair of rings. This can be a great option, but also consider that depending on the design of the set, the wedding ring might not be able to be worn alone if that was a preference.

Not all couples have matching wedding rings for both the bride and groom. If you and your significant other want to do so, it can be a wonderful thing to share, but do not feel compelled to buy a pair of coordinated rings if your styles don’t match. Discuss different styles together, and decide if a matching pair is what you want to do.


Step 3: Consider the Budget

Just like when buying an engagement ring, it is important to consider the budget for a wedding ring. Depending on the style, metal type, and whether or not you want diamonds or other gemstones in the wedding ring, the price could range from less than $100 to $5,000 or higher. In the midst of other wedding-related expenses, choose a reasonable budget for the wedding rings and stick to that figure.


At the same time, don’t be too skimpy on the wedding ring budget. The wedding itself, while spectacular, is just a single day, while the ring you wear to represent that commitment will last a lifetime. It is important to invest appropriately in the ring to ensure you have a quality piece of jewelry that can withstand the rigors of daily life just as your relationship withstands the ups and downs of marriage. Similarly, don’t overdo the budget just for the sake of a flashier ring that you may regret in the future if it doesn’t match your style or preferences.

Ask your jeweler about financing options or payment plans if necessary, and consider the possibility of added fees for insurance, repairs, or resizing before the big day. This will help ensure you have the right budget without any financial surprises.


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Step 4: Trying Styles With Your Engagement Ring

Before committing to a single wedding ring style and making that most important purchase, try some different rings on with your engagement ring to see how they look and feel on your hand. Consider how snug the two rings are together if they will be worn as a set, and be sure the combined pair is not out of proportion for your finger or hand. Also note how easy it is to wear the rings together, and whether or not the set may interfere with daily activities.


Step 5: Protecting Your Purchase

When you are ready to buy wedding rings, take the time to investigate your jeweler’s warranty policies, inspection requirements, and repair options if needed. Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of sale so you are not surprised by any extra fees or required guidelines to maintain the ring’s warranty.

Finally, be sure your wedding ring – the ultimate symbol of your commitment together – is protected. Consider adding the ring to your home insurance or renter’s policy covering personal possessions in case of theft, loss, or damage, and keep all receipts and other purchase paperwork in a secure location. You may also want to consider accessories to help protect your wedding rings, such as a special dish to hold them securely if you need to take the ring(s) off for any reason, as well as at-home cleaners, a good jewelry box, and the ring pillow or other items for use in the wedding ceremony if that will be part of your special day.


Choosing a Wedding Ring That is Right For Me

A wedding ring is a monumental purchase that requires great thought and care. If you take the time to be as considerate of buying wedding rings as you are in choosing that special someone to share them with, you can be sure you will have a beautiful, meaningful ring to enjoy as your love grows every day after “I do.”


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