How To Pair Vintage Engagement Rings With Modern Wedding Bands?

As we can see, vintage engagement rings are one of the hottest trends in fashion and jewelry today. All you have to do is look toward Hollywood and you will see some of the biggest stars wearing antique engagement rings or some type of conflict free ring. Many of our favorite stars are wearing vintage, such as Scarlett Johansson with a stunning art deco dinner ring.





Penelope Cruz shows off a sapphire ring and Kate Moss wears an art nouveau style ring. As hard as it is to find a beautiful Art Deco, ring it may be even harder to find a pristine antique or estate wedding band.




If you love Penelope Cruz's sapphire ring then we have a similar kind of ring (Estate Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Ring) on our store.





Kate Moss With Her Art Nouveau style ring


Diamond wedding bands, especially all around bands, are simply stunning but girls remember one size does not fit all. That’s why we recommend with your art deco engagement ring, a beautiful modern platinum or white gold wedding band. Thin and classic, this type of band will go with any type of estate ring you have. It will not take away from the look of the engagement ring, it will only enhance it.

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