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Aquamarine, a captivating birthstone for March, holds great significance for those born in that month and is a meaningful choice for any March birthdate, anniversary, or special occasion. However, the allure of aquamarine extends far beyond a single month, making it a gemstone worth cherishing year-round. The more you discover about the mesmerizing beauty and symbolic power of aquamarine, the more it will entice you to embrace it as a cherished adornment in your daily life, regardless of the time of year.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is the March birthstone?
  • March birthstone color variations
  • March birthstone formation
  • March birthstone meaning and symbolism
  • Zodiac signs by the month
  • Protection symbolism
  • 19th anniversary
  • Harmony symbolism
  • March birthstone healing properties
  • March birthstone care tips
  • March birthstone jewelry
  • Eco-friendly
  • March birthstone care tips
  • Choosing the March birthstone

    What is The March Birthstone?

    Aquamarine, as the March birthstone, is a light blue shade of the silicate mineral beryl, the same mineral that, when it is a deep, rich green, is classified as emerald. The deeper the blue color of the aquamarine, the more coveted or valuable it will be.

    Excellent quality aquamarine is frequently found in Brazil, Russia, Sri Lanka, Namibia, and Morocco, though fine quality stones are also found in Mexico, Canada, the United States, Uruguay, India, Austria, and many other active mines. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust, making it easily found and widely available. This broad availability has made aquamarine one of the most commonly used semi-precious gemstones for centuries.


    March Birthstone Color Variations

    Depending on chemical inclusions – typically aluminum, iron, or silicon – in the stone’s crystalline structure, aquamarine ranges from very light, watery blue to delicate blue-green hues. In general, the gem is always a lighter shade, but darker, deeper shades are found on rare occasions. The deepest blue aquamarine is classified as maxixe. Heat treatments can deepen color shades of aquamarine, and while this can create more desirable, richer colors, treated stones may be considered less valuable than naturally colored aquamarines.

    March Birthstone Formation

    Often naturally flawless, the March birthstone has a hexagonal structure and is an ideal gem for larger carat sizes, especially since it is reasonably durable with a 7.5-8 rating on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Aluminum, iron and silicon are part of the stone's crystal structure and give it the distinctive color. The overall color intensity can vary based on the proportions of different minerals in the crystal structure as well as any heat exposure or irradiation, and darker, richer shades are both rarer and more highly valued.


    March Birthstone Meaning & Symbolism

    As the birthstone for March, aquamarine enchants with its captivating shade of blue, evoking the tranquility of serene waters and the vastness of the sky. With its soothing and calming energy, aquamarine symbolizes purity, sincerity, and inner peace.

    • Zodiac Sign By The Month: Pisces

    As an ocean-associated stone, aquamarine is the birthstone associated not only with the watery month of March, but also with the zodiac sign for the fish, Pisces (February 19 through March 20).


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    • Protection Symbolism

    As the March birthstone, aquamarines are intimately associated with the tranquility of the sea, both by oceanic color tones and nearly flawless beauty, reminiscent of peering into a clear pool of water or into the depths of a pristine droplet. Aquamarine has been used as a protective talisman for sailors and passengers on ocean liners or any vessel, as long ago as in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and continuing to this day.

    19th Year Anniversary

    In addition to being the official March birthstone, aquamarine is also the gemstone associated with the 19th year wedding anniversary and an alternative choice for the eighteenth wedding anniversary. In 1971, aquamarine was selected as the official state gem of Colorado, a state well known for its rushing waters and rapids, as well as amazing snowfall – representing water in all its forms. In general, aquamarine is also considered a stone of harmony and peace, symbolizing the unspoiled freshness of youth and the rebirth of spring.

    • Harmony Symbolism

    The deep, rich blue of high quality aquamarine is often symbolic for harmony and peace symbolizing the unspoiled freshness of youth and the rebirth of spring.

    March Birthstone Crystal Uses

    Aquamarine as the March birthstone is often used for meditation and reflection, as it promotes harmony, peace, and trust. The crystal is also said to ease communication and improve public speaking, as well as enhance inner courage and permit one to truly follow their deepest values. Aquamarine shields the aura, opening intuition and providing overall protection. Because it washes away concerns and anxiety, aquamarine is also believed to help overcome procrastination and laziness.

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    March Birthstone Healing Properties

    Apart from its psychological properties, aquamarine is also believed to have a variety of physical healing properties. This crystal is said to contribute to eye health and visual clarity because of the stone’s own open and nearly flawless crystal structure, and its association with the sea is believed to have given aquamarine the power to prevent or alleviate seasickness. Pregnant women may wish to wear aquamarine to lessen unpleasant pregnancy symptoms and provide protection to the waters of womb cradling the unborn child.

    Aquamarine is also believed to have some healing affect on sore throats and swollen glands, and when worn against the throat and touching the skin, aquamarine will have the strongest curative properties. 


    March Birthstone Care Tips

    Before you try any special care, cleaning or adjustments for an aquamarine ring, a thorough, professional inspection is essential. A jeweler experienced with aquamarine rings can spot any potential weaknesses or excessive wear in the setting that could lead to stone loss or misalignment.

    Aquamarine is reasonably durable with a 7.5-8 rating on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and should be cleaned regularly to keep it free of dust, dirt, oils, and other debris that can cloud the stone and diminish its brilliance and sparkle.


    March Birthstone Jewelry

    With so much symbolism and useful properties for meditation and healing, it is no surprise that aquamarine has been used in amazing jewelry pieces for centuries. The gem’s large crystals and generally flawless quality make it suitable for larger pieces such as brooches, pendants, and rings, and aquamarine was particularly popular in the Art Deco period in larger pieces and flashy cocktail rings. Aquamarine looks best when mounted in white gold or platinum to protect its pure color, though the stone is occasionally mounted in yellow gold as well.



    Using only vintage and antique gemstones is a great way to be eco-friendly as aquamarines were originally mined long before modern conflicts. Aquamarines with diamond accents, such as in a halo setting, increase aquamarine’s sparkle, and open metalwork, popular in Victorian, Edwardian and mid-century designs, brings additional light into the gem so its color is more intense.

    Because aquamarine is relatively abundant and mined all over the world, it has been a popular gemstone for many years, and is easy to find in vintage and period pieces. Relatively inexpensive for its size and quality, aquamarine can make a stunning statement in a favorite piece, or can be a popular accent throughout any jewelry collection.


    Choosing The March Birthstone

    Discover the beauty in the March birthstone and you'll soon agree that every aquamarine ring has precious qualities that make it charming and unique.

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