Miami Antique Show

Here's the latest from our visit to the world famous Miami Beach Antique Show. As mentioned in past blogs, VintageDiamondRing.com loves this show for many reasons. Most importantly, this antique show gives us an indication of the supply and demand for our beloved pristine antique engagement rings, vintage engagement rings and art deco jewelry. We can see which dealers from around the world are coming to this show, and what they are buying. Indeed, an important facet of the jewelry industry is knowing who's active throughout the world; are our friends from the Far East, Europe, and the Mideast back purchasing diamonds? If they are buying, it is also useful to know which GIA diamonds they are into, as well which shapes, colors and clarities. In addition, we here at Vintagediamondring.com are interested in seeing what type of vintage jewelry our customers want and what’s selling.




The Miami Antique Show is much more than an antique jewelry show. Though it has a wonderful array of vintage diamond rings, we also can find antique furniture, vintage posters, Art Deco glassware and antique silverware. There is so much to do and buy, no wonder one occasionally sees celebrities! We remember seeing Barbra Streisand here a few years ago! Anyway, here's about this year’s show.


Unfortunately, we did not see very many active buyers from China and India. It seems like the relatively bad economies in that part of the world have handcuffed business from there for the time being. We think Indian banking problems and Chinese real estate changes have slowed markets in that part of the world. Diamonds, usually what these markets favor, particularly GIA diamonds with flawless, VVS1 and VVS2 clarities are weak. They will remain so until Chinese and Indian buyers return. The situation appears somewhat similar for Europeans, which as we all know have been hit hard by recession for the past few years. With the euro very weak, European dealers really didn't come to buy jewelry. On the positive side, however, we did see many American dealers and retail clients clamoring for beautiful antique jewelry and GIA certified diamonds. Fancy shaped GIA diamonds with SI clarities are very much in demand and prices are very strong.


We also saw antique dealers and private customers clamoring for beautiful pristine antique engagement rings. What we are in effect witnessing is the rise of a new generation of private customers wanting antique engagement rings and Art Deco jewelry. Unfortunately, pristine vintage rings are on very short supply. Thus, with a shortage in supply and an increase in demand, prices are rising.