Proposing With an Antique Engagement Ring

An antique engagement ring is an amazing symbol of your love and deserves an amazing presentation when you ask your special someone that most important question. Just as you took great care to select the best antique ring to represent your love and your intended’s style, the way you propose with an antique engagement ring should showcase your love, commitment, and the ring’s amazing beauty.

Before You Propose

Before you make your proposal plans, you have to be sure the ring is ready for its shining moment. First, have the ring – stones, setting, and band – thoroughly inspected and examined for any cracks, chips, or other weakness. Repairs should be made as needed to ensure the ring is ready for its new life, and the ring should be properly resized if necessary so it is ready to be slipped on a new finger. Just before you’re ready to propose, be sure the ring is well cleaned and polished so it will sparkle and shine its very brightest at this most romantic moment.

What You Need for the Perfect Proposal

Once you have the ring, the question you ask with it can take many forms, from a simple on-bended- knee appeal to an elaborately staged event, a coordinated flash mob, a loving poem, recreating a first date, revisiting a special place, or anything in between. No matter how you choose to propose, however, there are certain key elements you need to be sure are met to ensure the proposal is a memorable event you will both cherish for many happy anniversaries to come.

• Permission – A more traditional partner who loves antique jewelry may hope you’ve asked permission from a father, grandfather, older brother, or other relative before proposing. If that type of classic permission isn’t needed, at least be aware if you have that special someone’s permission, and you can anticipate a positive answer.

• Story – Every Art Deco engagement ring comes with a story. If you’re proposing with an heirloom ring from a family member, you likely know the ring’s history and the happy relationships it has supported. If you’ve purchased the ring from a third party, ask the dealer if there is any history behind the ring they can provide so you can elaborate on its origins and meaningfulness.

• Lighting – Wherever you choose to propose, be sure the area has the proper light to show off the antique ring’s sparkle and flair. Because older gemstones don’t have cuts with as many facets, dull or dim light will not reflect as deeply into the stone and may not show all the ring’s beauty. Opt for a setting with slightly brighter light for a better presentation.

• Storage – If the ring may not be worn immediately, such as if it will need resizing, or if your partner’s hobbies or work may require the ring to be removed for safekeeping, be sure you have an appropriate storage vessel on hand to protect it. A soft cloth bag or jewelry box is ideal and will ensure the ring isn’t accidentally damaged when it isn’t being worn.

What NOT to Do When Proposing With an Antique Ring

While there are many different ways to propose and it’s important to make the event special and meaningful for you and your beloved, there are certain things you should avoid when proposing with an vintage diamond engagement ring. Because this type of ring may be more fragile and could become dull or damaged more easily, it is best to avoid risky proposal options that could cause problems. Types of proposals that don’t always work well with antique rings include…

• Food-Based Proposals – Putting the ring inside food items, such as desserts, chocolates, champagne, or other treats, will only make it dirty and hide its beauty. Because these rings often have more elaborate settings, cleaning crumbs, grease, and debris out of the ring would be much more trouble and food-oriented proposals should be avoided.

• Buried Treasure Proposals – Hiding or burying the ring can be a fun way to lead that special someone to that special piece of jewelry, but burying an antique ring can expose it to dirt and sand that may cause scratches and make the ring dirtier. Furthermore, the ring should not be out of your sight at any time, or you risk it being lost or stolen.

• Proposals With Pets or Animals – Having a pet or a trained animal present the ring during a proposal can be a sweet gesture, but it is also a risky option with an antique ring. The ring could too easily be damaged if the animal bites or scratches at it, or it would be lost if it is dropped or the animal behaves unpredictably.

• Sky-High or Under-the-Sea Proposals – Unique proposals utilizing drones or taking place on a snorkeling trip or SCUBA dive can be amazing, but if the ring is accidentally dropped, it may never be found again. It would be best to stick to dry land, or else use a stand-in ring instead of an antique ring for this type of unusual marriage proposal.

Ultimately, how you propose is up to you, and you’ll want to make it a memorable, romantic, exciting moment for both you and that special someone. By taking care to safeguard an antique engagement ring and ensure it looks its best at that heartfelt moment, you’re sure to have an amazing proposal that showcases an amazing ring for an amazing relationship.