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A solitaire engagement ring is the classic, iconic piece of jewelry that symbolizes a commitment to marry, but these rings can be much more complex than just a diamond on a gold band. This definitive guide to solitaire engagement rings can help any couple better understand this popular design, appreciate its elegance, and choose a unique and beautiful solitaire to make their very own.


What is a Solitaire Ring?

A solitaire, by definition, is an engagement ring with just a single, central diamond or gemstone, unadorned with extra side stones or accent gems. This style is the most traditional of engagement rings, and solitaires have been traced back to ancient Roman jewelry where rough diamonds were mounted in metal bands. The one central stone is the ultimate focal point of the jewelry, though a matching wedding ring may be a wrap or enhancer that adds extra stones to the set when the two rings are worn together after the wedding.


Pros of Solitaire Engagement Rings:

There are distinct pros and cons to solitaire engagement rings, and couples should thoroughly consider each side before choosing which ring best suits their style.

• Minimalist Design

Minimalist designs that are not too overwhelming or distracting with extra elements.


• Classic Style

Classic, timeless options “safe” for anyone’s jewelry fashion style or changing tastes.


• Easy to Wear

Easier to clean, repair, and resize for many years of wearing.


• Versatility

Versatility to easily match to any wedding ring or other jewelry. 



Cons of Solitaire Rings:

At the same time, there are cons to these simple styles, including…

• Too Plain

Possibly being too plain or basic for a fashion-forward, trendy individual.


• Expensive Center Stone

Focus on the center stone demands a higher quality and more expensive gem.


• Fewer Options

Less distinctive styling with fewer options for very unique or unusual designs.


• Durability

More easily snagged, chipped, or damaged depending on the stone setting.



• Weigh Your Options

Couples should carefully weigh all the pros and cons before choosing a solitaire. If this style truly is the ring they want to represent their promise to wed, there are many beautiful options to choose from.


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How to Choose a Solitaire Ring?

When choosing a solitaire engagement ring, couples will need to be well versed about the style and how to make it distinctively their own.

Choose the Type of Gem

While a stunning diamond is the classic and most popular choice for a solitaire engagement ring, any type of gem can become a beautiful solitaire. Couples who want gems similar to diamonds might consider white topaz, zircon, or white sapphire, while birthstones or other gems can be colorfully eye-catching for a very unique solitaire.


Understand the Four C’s of Quality

Because a solitaire focuses entirely on the ring’s center stone, it is vital to thoroughly understand the four C’s for great quality – cut, color, clarity, and carat. These traits will vary slightly depending on what gem is chosen for the ring, and couples who know more about each characteristic will be able to choose the best quality stone for their preferences and budget.


 Choose the Best Shape

The most common solitaire setting is a 4- or 6-prong option, but there are other choices that can give the ring a more unusual appearance. A bezel setting completely surrounds the edges of the gem and provides superior security and protection, while tension settings are open and modern for great sparkle and fire. Flush and east-west settings are other beautiful options.


 Compare Settings

The most common solitaire setting is a 4- or 6-prong option, but there are other choices that can give the ring a more unusual appearance. A bezel setting completely surrounds the edges of the gem and provides superior security and protection, while tension settings are open and modern for great sparkle and fire. Flush and east-west settings are other beautiful options.


 Consider Band Style

While a solitaire will not have additional diamond accents, the ring band can be cleverly designed for uniqueness and flair. Engravings, inscriptions, carving, openwork, or metalwork details such as filigree, milgrain, or even twists, braids, or split shank designs can all add extra flair to a solitaire without needing extra stones.


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 Consider Metal Type

Gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings, particularly yellow gold, but it is not the only choice. Choosing white, rose, or chocolate gold adds a new dimension to any solitaire, or the ring could be crafted from platinum, titanium or palladium for an alternative option. Two- toned rings are another great choice for unique rings.


Unique Solitaire Engagement Rings

A solitaire can be just as distinctive, unique, and personalized as any other engagement ring style. A couple might opt for an unusual gemstone choice, design the ring with non-stone elements, or engrave an intimate message inside the band for private personalization and meaning. Vintage or antique engagement rings are another great way to find unique and stunning solitaires, and couples can choose from different historical jewelry eras for layers of meaning and beauty.


Caring for a Solitaire Ring

Proper care is essential to keep a solitaire looking its best, particularly because any small flaw, smudge, or damage will be much more noticeable without other design elements or additional gems distracting from the center stone. First, the ring should be regularly inspected and professionally cleaned, and such scrutiny will help spot any potential problems or indications of damage before they become major concerns. The ring should always be removed when it may be at risk of loss or damage, such as when participating in sports, gardening, working with chemicals, or otherwise involved with rough, hands-on activities.

Similarly, a solitaire engagement ring should be stored carefully. Because the center stone tends to be more exposed, the ring may inadvertently damage other pieces if stored in close contact, or the solitaire may be scratched, nicked, or chipped more visibly if it is jostled with other diamond or gemstone jewelry. Ideally, store a solitaire back in its original case, a small lint-free bag, or a separate compartment of a jewelry case to keep both it and other jewelry pieces looking their best.



Choosing a Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire engagement ring is a stunning, statement piece that clearly declares a couple’s dedication to one another and their commitment to marry. By understanding these rings and how to create even more distinctiveness with them, a couple can choose the perfect solitaire to represent their impending marriage, and the ring will remain a treasured piece to be worn for many happy anniversaries.



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