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Rose gold is an elegant, romantic choice for an engagement ring, but it isn’t necessarily perfect to showcase every couple’s promise to wed. Learning more about the pros and cons of rose gold engagement rings can help couples make the best choice, to ensure this most meaningful piece of jewelry remains as timeless as the love they share.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is rose gold?
  • History
  • Pros of rose gold engagement rings
  • Vintage look
  • Durability
  • Popularity
  • Versatility
  • Romantic connection
  • Price difference
  • Beautiful brilliance
  • Cons of rose gold engagement rings
  • Trendiness
  • Skin tone color
  • Copper allergies
  • Challenging repairs
  • Color changes
  • Choosing a rose gold engagement ring

What is Rose Gold?

Pure gold is a very soft metal, easily warped and damaged. Because of this, gold jewelry is typically an alloy – blended with another metal – to strengthen the gold. When gold is blended with copper or a mixture of copper and silver, the result is rose gold with a distinct pink or reddish hue. The exact color will depend on the overall alloy percentages, with a greater amount of copper create a darker, more distinct reddish tone. If the gold has a very light hue it may be referred to as pink gold, while darker tones can be called red gold.


Rose gold is popular for a reason, and it has many good points for couples to consider..

• History

Rose gold was first used in early 19th century Russia by the famed jeweler Carl Faberge in his infamous Faberge Eggs. Rose gold was the metal of choice for engagement rings during the Victorian era and during the 1920's. It added warmth, femininity and an understated elegance unparalleled by any other metal. With its romantic hue and delicate coloring, rose gold is growing more popular for engagement rings, and couples should carefully investigate both good points and potential bad points of this luxurious metal as they consider engagement ring options.


Pros of Rose Gold Engagement Rings:

• Vintage Look

While there are many new rose gold rings being manufactured, they still have a romantic, vintage look. Rose gold or pink gold has been around for decades, however, and there are stunning antique and vintage rose gold rings that are also amazing choices for new engagement ring promises.


• Durability

Because copper is one of the hardest metals, the alloy of gold and copper that creates rose gold strengthens the ring and makes it much more resistant to nicks and scratches. This is especially important for an engagement ring, as rose gold can withstand daily wear so the ring can be worn nearly continuously.


• Popularity

Since rose gold jewelry is growing in popularity, that makes it easier than ever to find rose gold engagement ring designs, coordinating wedding bands, and other jewelry pieces. This gives couples many options to find and personalize their perfect engagement ring. Hollywood has caught rose gold fever and has graced some of the most popular fingers in Hollywood, including Blake Lively, Anna Camp, Teresa Palmer and Alison Brie. Any bride who chooses rose gold joins this elite group of leading ladies who adore this stunning metal.


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• Versatility

The warm tones of rose gold not only coordinate with other jewelry, including both yellow and white gold, but also with nearly all skin tones. This lets nearly any bride-to-be who enjoys the look of rose gold choose one of these rings that suits their preferences and fashionable flair.


• Romantic Connection

The pink hue of rose gold has intimate connections to romance, perfect for such a romantic piece of jewelry as an engagement ring. The very name – rose – also connects to the most romantic of flowers, giving a rose gold setting even more symbolism as part of a couple’s promise to each other.


• Price Difference

While many factors influence engagement ring prices, rose gold can often be less expensive because copper is a cheaper metal, making the overall ring composition less costly. This may be only a minor influence, however, but it can be something for couples on a strict budget to consider. Rose gold is measured in the same karat values as yellow gold. 



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• Beautiful Brilliance

The light pink tone of rose gold can gently enhance similarly colored gems, making a pink diamond or sapphire really shine. The color can also coordinate with other gemstone engagement rings, adding more beauty and distinctiveness to a colored engagement ring.


Cons of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

While there are many good points to rose gold and the lovely engagement rings it can create, couples should also be aware of the potential cons of this metal when choosing their ring.

• Trendiness

Because rose gold is growing in popularity, it will become more common and less unique. For a bride-to-be who wants a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring, this may make rose gold less desirable.


• Skin Tones

A bride-to-be who has noticeable pink tones to her skin, particularly on her hands and fingers, may not prefer a rose gold engagement ring that will blend more easily with her skin tone, as it won’t be as eye-catching as it could be.


• Copper Allergies

While rare, some individuals are allergic to copper and a rose gold engagement ring could trigger an allergic reaction. Knowing that rose gold contains copper can keep couples from making an uncomfortable and unhealthy choice.


• Challenging Repairs

Because the exact color of rose gold depends on a precise alloy blend to create the pink tinge, it can be challenge to match that color if the engagement ring must be repaired or resized in the future.


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• Color Changes

As copper oxidizes over time, it will turn slightly darker and redder. This does take many years, but can be undesirable if couples prefer an exact shade for their rose gold engagement ring.


Choosing a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Ultimately, whether or not to choose a rose gold engagement ring is a matter of personal preference. The metal has many outstanding qualities that make it attractive, not just visually, but also for a budget conscious couple as well as anyone interested in a ring with unique traits, though it is always wise to work with a retailer experienced with this less common but stunning type of gold. If a couple likes the look of the metal and enjoys its symbolism, a rose gold ring will be perfect to represent their commitment to one another and their promise to stay committed for years to come.


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