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No one celebrating in September should be feeling the blues about this month’s beautiful birthstone, sapphire. Symbolically, sapphire has been associated with wisdom, learning, and intellectual power making it a popular choice for engagement ring and gemstone enthusiasts seeking to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness. A rich and treasured gem, sapphire is a remarkable stone well-suited to every special occasion this month.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • About Sapphire
  • Sapphire Meaning
  • Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Protection and Security
  • Loyalty and Fidelity
  • Sapphire Symbolism
  • Sapphire Rings and Jewelry
  • Other September Birthstones
  • Is a Sapphire Ring Right For Me?

About Sapphire

Sapphire is a form of the mineral corundum, a type of aluminum oxide. Minerals present in the crystal lattice give the stone its signature vivid blue color, and different minerals, such as titanium, iron, vanadium, copper, magnesium, and chromium, can create different colors of sapphires depending on the amount of each that is present. These stones can be yellow, orange, purple, green, brown, gray, black, or colorless. The richest blue with a hint of purple tones is the most valued sapphire color, but sapphires cannot be one color – red. The red form of corundum is designated as ruby, though pink shades may be classified as either rubies or sapphires depending on the strength of the color and where the stone was mined. 

Sapphires are mined worldwide, with notable mines found in Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Nepal, Kenya, India, Colombia, Afghanistan, Madagascar, and Malawi. In the United States, sapphires are mined in Montana and North Carolina.


Sapphire Meaning 

Sapphire, a gemstone revered for its stunning beauty and deep symbolism, carries a wealth of meanings that have captivated cultures throughout history. 

 Wisdom and Knowledge

Sapphires are often linked to wisdom and intellectual clarity. They are believed to enhance mental sharpness and promote learning.

 Protection and Security

Historically, sapphires were worn as protective amulets, thought to guard against negative energies, envy, and harm. They were believed to attract divine favor and provide a shield against misfortune.


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 Loyalty and Fidelity

Sapphires symbolize loyalty, faithfulness, and trust. They are frequently chosen for engagement rings and wedding jewelry to represent a steadfast and enduring bond between partners.


Sapphire Symbolism

Sapphires have served many symbolic roles for millennia, and because of their celestial blue color, have often been associated with providing divine favor or showing a connection to heaven for religious officials. The stones are also symbolic of truth, sincerity, faithfulness, purity, loyalty, and honesty, making sapphire engagement rings and ideal choice to enhance those qualities. The stones have been worn by nobility, and are believed to promote peace, protect against envy, alleviate depression, and guard one’s chastity. Some beliefs have also attributed sapphires with the power to help focus the mind and improve self-discipline.

In addition to being the September birthstone, sapphire is the symbolic gemstone for the fifth and forty- fifth wedding anniversaries, as well as an alternate stone to celebrate the tenth anniversary.

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Sapphire Rings and Jewelry

Because sapphire is the third-hardest natural gemstone (behind only diamond and moissanite), it is durable and suitable for wear in a variety of settings and styles. Sapphires have been set in jewelry, particularly amulets, since the times of ancient Rome and Greece, and both priests and royalty have worn these precious gemstones.

Today, sapphire is widespread in all sorts of jewelry, from rings and earrings to bracelets, pendants, and brooches. The stone is often set with diamonds for greater sparkle and contrast, and may be set in either yellow gold or white gold, as well as platinum. Halo and floral designs are especially popular with sapphires, and this is a prominent stone in many Art Deco rings as well as Victorian and Edwardian pieces, all of which are part of eras where bold colors flourished in jewelry.

Other September Birthstones

While sapphire is a versatile gem for many styles and tastes, it may not appeal to everyone. If you want to celebrate a September birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion or significant event but sapphire isn’t quite right, there are several alternative gemstones associated with this month. Moonstone, agate, jade, and lapis lazuli have all been symbolic September stones, and the ancient Hindu calendar honors zircon at this time of year. Peridot is also a symbolic September gem in Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic cultures. You can also choose stones associated with the Zodiac symbols for September, including carnelian for Virgo (August 24 through September 22) and chrysolite for Libra (September 23 through
October 23).


Is a Sapphire Ring Right For me?

Sapphire is a stunning, bold gem, ideal for commemorating September events or celebrating any day of the month. With variations in color and widespread use in different eras and styles, you’re sure to find a sapphire piece you love in our complete sapphire collection, or choose from our fine loose sapphires to create your own amazing piece of sapphire jewelry you’ll love not only in September, but all year long.

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